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We’ve emerged from an intense and cosmologically tumultuous year. Sure it was challenging, but we’ve come out stronger and more resilient. Remain positive — 2021 will be the well-deserved breath of fresh air that we are all hoping for!  Here is a blog that will highlight the most important events in 2021 astrology.

2020 was full of exceptional and rare planetary alignments that have inspired change and significant upheaval. This astrology included the historical Great Conjunction in Aquarius that ended 2020. This conjunction helped us set the stage for the change that the new era will bring; change, freedom of thought and movement is coming our way. 

To help you thrive in 2021, here is a snapshot of what is to come in terms of 2021 astrological events. True, 2021 may not have the dramatic astrology that 2020 had (including fewer retrogrades and no Great Conjunction). But, it still has its share of significant astrological tussles.

Are you ready for what 2021 astrology has in store for you? Read on to learn what you can expect from 2021 astrology.

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2021 Astrology: The Official Start of the Age Of Aquarius

We ended last year with a hopeful — and rare — Great Conjunction in Aquarius. This was the first alignment of the planetary giants, Jupiter and Saturn, in the sign of the water bearer since 1405! Not only that, the Great Conjunction was the closest conjunction between the two planets in nearly 400 years. The last time they met in Aquarius, the western world experienced its Renaissance when humanity emerged from the Dark Ages and entered a growth period. 

Aquarius is the sign of innovation, humanitarianism, and independence. Since it’s an air sign, known for their intellectual, communicative, and idealistic style, this creates the perfect environment for change on a broader scale.  

The Grand Mutation

Last year’s Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius allowed us to witness what famed astrologer Susan Miller calls a “Grand Mutation.” Here, we move from stable earth energy to creative, eccentric air energy. In the last two centuries, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions have mostly taken place in earth signs. Practical and grounded, earth signs are resistant to change, seeking security and stability. On the other hand, air signs bring innovation, movement and freedom. 

Saturn will stay in Aquarius until 2023. Jupiter is also sitting pretty in the fixed air sign for the majority of next year. This is the official beginning of a new era. As we watch our society’s shaky foundations become exposed and the racial inequities come more into focus, we are now ready for change. We are prepared for the inventive, unique, out-of-the-box solutions that only an air sign like Aquarius can inspire in us.

All this Aquarian energy will hit a fever pitch in February 2021, with seven planets in the sign, creating a stellium. That’s right, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn (plus the asteroid Pallas) will be grouped in Aquarius. That’s a lot of fixed air energy and is sure to bring on some much-needed change. 

We can expect a shift in focus towards more Aquarius-centric issues. These include humanitarian cases, a more significant movement towards equity, technological advancements and unique and unconventional innovations. With all of this energy guiding us, we can work towards healing from the past year and moving towards a better life.

Mercury Retrogrades: Air Signs are Up!   

This is the year for you, air signs. Although you’re getting your fair share of movement this year, you also get hit with a string of Mercury Retrogrades in your element. When Mercury, the planet of communications and thinking, goes retrograde in the air signs, we can have a tough time. Generally, retrogrades make us contend with a little more mental fuzziness, hiccups and impediments than usual. Since the element of air in astrology is more social and mentally-driven, they are the hardest hit. 

As I mentioned in this last post, people shudder when they hear the word retrograde. Not totally unwarranted, but still, retrogrades tend to be the boogie-man of astrology, causing undue fear and worry. This set of Mercury retrogrades is an opportunity to reflect on how we think. We revisit our old thought patterns and narratives and find new ways to express ourselves. It can also give us space to consider how we interact with one another on a larger, societal level. Here, we learn to be more thoughtful with our words and become more intentional in interacting with our loved ones and our community. 

At three different times this year, we experience Mercury Retrogrades in the Air Signs of Aquarius (January 30th), Gemini (May 29th), and Libra (September 27th).  

A Season of Change: Eclipses on the Gemini & Sagittarius Axis

Still on that air element tip for 2021, we’re blessed with some significant lunar and solar eclipses on the Gemini and Sagittarius axis. Last year, we experienced all eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. This demanded that we shed light on our thoughts on public and private life, what home means to us and how we represent ourselves in the world.  

This year’s eclipse series is less about home and work as it was with Cancer/Capricorn and more about information and freedom, inspired by Gemini/Sagittarius, respectively.  

Eclipses bring change. That’s the long and short of it. When the sun and moon flow this way, we experience grand revelations, inspirations, sudden endings, and an abundance of surprising new beginnings.

Eclipses always happen in opposing signs, creating an opportunity to reflect on all aspects of the axis. In the case of the Gemini and Sagittarius axis in Astrology, we will experience shifts in how we think, communicate and interact with our surroundings. Here, we can learn the limits of freedom and thought and understand the relationship between emotions, relationships and partnerships. We must dig deep and uncover our personal belief systems and reconsider its parameters and if it has been serving us. 

We will emerge from 2021 with a new set of personal beliefs and thought processes and a new spiritual compass. 

You can expect the first solar and lunar eclipse of 2021 to arrive on May 26th and June 10th. The second set will grace us in the fall on November 19th and December 4th.

Venus/Mars Conjunction in Leo

Our summer will heat up with a hot Venus/Mars Conjunction in Leo. This is one of the more exciting aspects in 2021 astrology. After a year of sitting at home and feeling disconnected from others, this Conjunction can bring a little more spice to your life. Conjunctions between Mars and Venus only occur once every two years. 

When romantic Venus connects with daring and audacious Mars, we find excitement and passion entering our lives. When in the fiery, fixed sign of Leo, all bets are off. Get ready for a double whammy of energy, passion and drive this year. When these two planets meet in the sign of Leo, we’re more apt to express our feelings. We are bolder, courageous and eager to get what we want. 

While this is a fast-moving transit, it will bring a delightful few days where you’ll feel sociable, outgoing and attractive. Things may naturally come to you, and you will have significant interactions with those you come across. Energy will just flow, both physically and mentally. Creative energy will be high and it’s the perfect time to work on passion projects!  

On July 13th, get ready for a new cycle regarding your relationships. Although the true conjunction (on the actual degree) occurs on July 13th, these planets will move together through Leo from June 27th to July 21st. We have nearly a month to take advantage of this harmonious energy. 

As an added bonus, we’re not experiencing a Venus or Mars retrograde (unlike last year), meaning we are in for a relatively smooth ride.  

Friction-Filled Saturn/Uranus Squares

Probably the most impactful and influential series of planetary movements of 2021 astrology, the Saturn/Taurus squares are going to cause some friction in our lives three times this year. 

Saturn governs rules, constraints, and traditions, and it’s settled in unconventional Aquarius this year (and beyond to 2023). On the other hand, the eccentric instigator of the solar system, Uranus, is rooting itself in the stubborn and persistent sign of Taurus for most of the year. 

When fixed signs Aquarius and Taurus come into aspect, they enter what is known as a ‘square.’

This is a tension-inspiring aspect, a square brings change and tension. This is all in the name of change and growth.  

Saturn and Uranus’s conflicting energies will square off on three separate occasions throughout 2021. We can expect them on February 14th, June 14th, and December 24th.

During this time, we experience significant conflicts occurring on a societal level through this time. Changes will appear as both planets urge us to find ways to bring a new system and structure to light. This will all happen while we work to uphold and manage our old systems. Finding a balance through these squares will be tricky, as Saturn can be quite restrictive and cling to how things have always been done. Uranus will move us to shake-up the status quo and embrace change and innovations. 

The Saturn/Uranus squares will push us to examine our concepts of structure, our belief systems as a society and give us the platform on which to rethink an entirely new way of being. Here, we can learn to open our minds to change, possibility and growth. 

2021 Astrology: Change, change, change. 

2021’s astrology is infused with a myriad of exciting and impactful aspects. With the amount of air energy that we are feeling in all the signs, we can safely say that we have finally arrived at the long-foretold Age of Aquarius. Now, what are we going to do with all this remarkable change? Consider how you want your year to look – this is the best time to start manifesting. 


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