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About Ad Astra Astrology

Ad Astra, Latin for “to the stars,” feels like an apt way to begin this introduction to the self. Astrology is a positive force that allows us to look inward and tap into a fire that burns within us all. It helps us understand ourselves in a deeper, more profound way.

It’s an exciting time in the universe. We are shifting from a more masculine, yang energy in the world and turn towards the feminine, yin energy. As we progress, we must learn and work through different avenues, such as astrology, to understand and heal.

Going Beyond Our Sun Sign

Have you ever felt as though there was more to your personality than what your horoscope says about your sun sign? That while it “fit” it also didn’t? It is more than just a sun sign that makes up a person. Reading a daily horoscope often feels generic, or  “one size fits all,” and tends to dissuade people from believing in astrological influences, or the power of the universe. If we are willing to go a bit deeper and to learn more about ourselves through understanding and dissecting our birth chart and the aspects it holds, we gain a fuller, clearer picture of who we are or could be. It’s our road map to greatness and growth.

Natal charts or birth charts are just a brief survey of who you are. What makes up each individual person is not solely their birth chart but a culmination of many things, including birth order, socioeconomic status, education, upbringing, experiences, and possibilities. The more you study your own astrology charts, the more self-aware you will become. The more self-aware you become, the more self-sufficient you are in coping. Analyze your current coping mechanisms. Note if the majority use humour or negative emotion. Take stock of where you are directing all your energy. If you notice you spend too much time and/or energy in one area of your life, seek ways to restore balance. Continue being curious, and lean into the good and the bad. Each breath brings us closer to understanding who we are.

A People and Relationship-Focus to Astrology

Ad Astra was built to help people look inside and understand the different influences that make them up. I officially found this brand in 2017 after 15 years of self-study and interest in Astrology. I was tired of seeing memes that while fun, took away from the study of something that brought me a lot of change, perspective and growth when I really needed it – and continued to bring me insight into myself and my relationships. My hope is that Ad Astra goes beyond the memes to help people when they need it the most – in an educational and digestible way.

I can’t wait to read the stars with you!