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The Aquarius Ascendant individual, through and through. The influence of both Saturn and Uranus are at play here, for better or for worse. This individual is blessed with the energies, of these two weighty planets. Both Saturn and Uranus have an opposite yet complementary impact when brought together in the ascendant. Chaotic, erratic Uranus imbues the individual with impulsivity and innovation. The ability to rebel. The drive to change and make a difference.

At the same time, Saturn adds a bit of restriction to the mix and makes them behave in a self-controlled manner. This mix helps the Aquarius Ascendant individual succeed in any endeavour.

Uranus empowers them to take on more radical and grand – yet eccentric changes to their lives. Saturn guides you to experience life according to traditional and socially accepted norms.

While these two energies seem quite contradictory, they strengthen the native’s sense of individuality, independence, and overall tenacity. Uranus will equip you with the tools needed to make the changes and take the chances that you need to live a life of adventure and surprise.

The chaotic planet Uranus gives you flashes of insight and creativity. At the same time, Saturn’s grounding energy helps keep you down to earth and aware of life’s harsh reality. 

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Expansive yet Restrictive: The Fusing of Two Energies

Uranus graces these individuals with deep intuition. When they learn to flow with it, it can help them be catalysts of ideas and change in their lives and in the lives of those around them. Saturn’s natural discipline will help temper the erratic behaviour that Uranus imparts, creating an individual who is both a dreamer and a doer who is aware of life’s limitations.  

Aware of the challenges that life brings, these natives enjoy regulating life. This is something that is not just on the part of their own lives but also on others’ lives. There is a deep effort that must be taken by Aquarius Ascendants to not smother or involve themselves in other’s lives. Even when they are aware that they know better (and they often do!), they have to respect the boundaries of others. This is a challenge of many fixed signs, including Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. 

Aquarius Ascendant natives are exceptionally adept at organizing their practical affairs. They like to keep their ideas and activities current with the trends. Aquarius Ascendants can be intensely in-tune with their goals, and it does not bother them how long these goals may take. No matter how tired they may get or how many adversities they encounter in the pursuit of their goals, they will always keep chugging along. They are simply indefatigable. 

Aquarius Ascendant Personality 

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Aquarius Ascendants often have a cheery personality and a friendly disposition. Their “come as you are” attitude makes being around them enjoyable. 

These individuals are popular and reliable but don’t trust easily. While believing in the good in others, they still struggle to trust that others will provide the same reliability and consistency that they know they can bring. 

The Aquarius native for focus a lot of attention on their family. They can be devotional and require connection to find success in life.

Community is important, as many Aquarian aspects may feel different than those around them. Family, chosen or otherwise, are a vital part of their support system and social achievement. Open-minded, Aquarius’s fixed nature means that they must learn to control the tendency to impose their opinions.

The Aquarius Ascendant individual is unwavering in the pursuit of their aspirations and never discouraged by obstacles or setbacks. Truly, these individuals are also remarkably skillful when it comes to getting practical matters in order. The Aquarius Ascendant individual will often hold deep reverence for their families, communities and connections.

Advice for the Aquarius Ascendant: It would be wise to expand your lifestyle and to learn to deepen human relationships to keep them; otherwise, there is a danger that you will become isolated from others and cut a lonely figure.

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