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The Aquarius Descendant is freedom-loving and eccentric. They seek others who can unshackle them from society’s expectations and norms. Read on to learn what the Aquarius Descendant means.

Understanding the Descendant in a Chart

“Don’t ask me why I am this way. Look inside and ask yourself why this is the way that you see me.”

– 7th House and Descendant

The Descendant, sitting directly across from the Ascendant, indicates what a person is attracted to in others. This impacts any relationships in our lives, from our lovers or partners to our friends and family. The Descendant holds what we attract, consciously and subconsciously.

In opposition to the Ascendant, the Descendant describes what in us we are often unable to see ourselves. The Ascendant’s information is external, expressing our personality, and the Descendant is the unseen parts of ourselves.

It is part of us. The Descendant is ours. But, we cannot see it alone. We need a mirror or someone else to reflect off of to learn these parts of ourself.

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Revolution, Rebellion and Freedom

Sitting on the 7th House Cusp, the unconventional, the unique and the eccentric are the most exciting for these natives. Here, the native may tend to notice those with Aquarius’ influence as representative of who they yearn to be. Those who embody the sign that the descendent resides on are perceived as capable of expressing what we cannot. These people could come off as exciting, and often times unattainable to us.

Aquarius is non-traditional, unique and tends towards breaking the rules. Ruled by Uranus, it seeks out the path less taken and will have the courage to go forth and conquer. When Uranus comes into a chart, it brings erratic energy. There is some uniqueness and individuality imbued into every partnership that this Leo Ascendant/Aquarius Descendant native embarks upon.

Desiring and Attracting the Atypical

They appreciate partners who can share their ambitious and social nature. This person should be someone that they can share their opinions, secrets and desires with. Someone who will listen with an open mind and no judgement is essential for their security and growth. The perfect companion is someone who both cares but is aloof enough to not take life too seriously.

With Aquarius on the 7th house cusp or descendant, the idea of a non-traditional, a-typical relationship may be appealing. In areas not concerning romance, this individual enjoys eccentric friendships and people who bring a new perspective to their life.

Aquarius Descendant: Eschewing Traditional Love

An ideal relationship would allow them the freedom to explore and allows them to come and go as they’d like. What they expect is what they offer. Reciprocity is key. They will also be able to offer the same to those that enter their lives, as long as respect and trust exist.

The Aquarius Descendant cultivates a humanitarian nature. The native will enjoy creating the image of altruism through their work and endeavours. The Aquarius Descendant person has the instinct to centralize things in partnerships. When Aquarian Descendants are married or in long-term partnerships, they want to know, for no rational reason, the whereabouts and activities of their partner. This fact is true even when they require freedom and free-reign themselves.

Connecting through Community

To find joy in this realm, cool the fiery passion that comes with the Leo Ascendant and become a bit more objective in love. Aquarius sits directly opposite the Leo Ascendant and we have much to learn from our opposite sign. It can teach us the necessary balance required for intentional and fulfilling relationships. Leos can learn to be less gut-reactive and impulsive and learn to view things objectively.

As with any Aquarius placement, the community is vital in this chart. This indicates that the individual may find success in partnerships through their community or an a-typical channel.

These natives must learn to connect via community, grow through non-traditional relationships and learn that being ordinary isn’t that terrible. The Aquarius Descendant will excel in life when they can find partners who are open-minded and show them how to view the world in unconventional ways.

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