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Mercury is responsible for our intellect, wit, and reasoning. Our ability to discern between arguments and how we articulate those words in a conversation is thanks to our Mercury placements.

Innovative and Unusual Thinkers

Not necessarily loud or flamboyant, this placement may have a quiet way of stirring others up. When Mercury is in Aquarius, this individual delights in exposing what they deem as biases in others’ way of thinking.

They can be swift to contradict others but are just as quick to offer a different perspective. These individuals genuinely love a good verbal joust and enjoy intellectual debates. They have incredible natural powers of observation and a quirky way of looking at the world. They are a unique mix of humorous and interesting and love practical jokes and raising eyebrows.

In a chart, Mercury rules our intellect, communication, and reasoning. When in Aquarius, this planet is known to buck tradition and consider the less-taken path. Rebellious, pioneering, and innovative thoughts and ideas from this placement challenge the norm and breed great multi-taskers. A natural effect of this Aquarian energy on you is typically a non-organized way of thinking. You may tend to jump from one subject to the next, not using a stable approach to how you express yourself. Great for multitasking and taking on multiple projects at the same time.

Community Matters

Aquarius is the natural ruler of the 11th house, the house ruled by Uranus, and the house that represents community, friends and the collective. When Mercury is resting in Aquarius, you get something special thanks to Uranus. As a planet, Uranus is considered to be a higher octave form of Mercury. This means that the two work great together; Uranus has common patterns with Mercury, and it is also connected with a higher, less mundane level of communication.

In your chart, Aquarius is only one of two fixed signs. You may flow like water in other aspects of your life, but thanks to this Aquarius placement, when you have an idea, thought, or opinion, you are unlikely to be moved unless you want to be moved. Change of thought can be difficult with this placement, so make sure you open yourself up to other ideas, thoughts and concepts to avoid stagnation in thought.


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