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The Aries Ascendant and Aquarius Sun individual is headstrong. They are fiery and have a unique combination of head and heart, and the guts to follow through on dreams of change. Thanks to the fiery influence of Aries Rising these Aquarians are the toughest, most action-oriented of them all. They take their idealism to an ideological extreme, even having the ability to hope for a better future for all.

Their sense of independence can be a little on the extreme side, so much so that it can create a sense of aloofness that others mistake for a lack of affection.

Thanks to Aries’ influence on this sun sign, these individuals are the most pioneering of all Aquarians. It also creates an individual who is resistant to distraction and can be stuck, or fixed in their mission.

Aries Ascendant and Aquarius Sun in Love

When these independent air signs find someone to love, they know in their hearts what’s right and what isn’t immediately. In the same sense, when something feels done, they know it is easy to move onto more greener pastures with ease.

This is also the case with relationships; if this combination of sun and ascendant feels as though they are not getting the things they deserve, they will move forward, sometimes even unbeknownst to the other party. Leaving others with a sense of “what happened” or uncertainty around their relationship.

Progressive, But Fixed in Nature

The Aries Ascendant/Aquarius Sun combination must be careful of not becoming intolerant. The mix of fiery cardinal energy and fixed stubborn energy can make them fervent of their ideas and difficult to budge once they’ve decided on something.

Being open to changing and being flexible will serve them well in life. Their virtues: courage, determination and will.

When they choose to, they can change the world. These individuals can and will succeed in any undertaking, provided they face it with the spirit of equality and care.

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