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In Astrology, Jupiter is associated with the fundamental principles of growth and expansion. A benefic planet that brings opportunity, this planet’s placement in a person’s chart can help direct them towards their luck and ultimate success.

Under Jupiter, we find boundless optimism and growth, from physical and emotional to mental and spiritual growth. 

When well aspected, Jupiter is associated with a sense of justice, honour, goodwill, a great sense of humour and mercy. On the downside, Jupiter can cause excess, overindulgence, and blindness to the truth.

Those with Jupiter in Aries in their charts bring something unique to life. Those with this placement tend towards inspiring and enthusiastic expressions of self and are dynamic and vigorous in how they connect with others.

The expansiveness of Jupiter, coupled with Aries and Mars, gives you the ability to view everything from a broad perspective, providing you with the ability to think big and actually have the fire and energy to carry things out. Jupiter’s placement in a chart brings expansion, luck, and opportunity.

Those with Aries in Venus are charged with helping others, traditionally those who have Aries or fire placements in their charts, to achieve their goals. Success for these natives means using their natural leadership abilities to help others by inspiring and motivating them. Jupiter in Aries brings generosity of self and time and has been known to be trustworthy, honest and optimistic.  

To harness this energy wisely, take time to recognize your natural leadership abilities. What form does it take for you? How can you manifest luck and opportunity by taking the time to understand and listen to your intuition. It will lead you to great success. 


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