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Venus represents our perceptions of beauty, how we love, intimacy, and how we live with others.

Considered to be in its fall, or detriment, Venus in Aries is one of the more difficult positions for Venus to reside in. To be in detriment, it means that it is a struggle for Venus’s essential energy to come through this sign.

Every sign holds it’s own energy distribution pattern, and when in self-directed Aries, the pattern concentrates energy on the self to manifest the self’s potential. It is very one-directional and not at all cooperative, which is a hallmark for Venus.

Being a cardinal sign, Aries is individualistic, action-oriented and can tend to be brash. It’s more about doing than feeling, more about the exploration of self-reliance rather than what it means to cooperate with others. This comes at a cost, Aries in Venus is tasked with creating the self and a journey of what it means to be an individual.

This placement highlights what it means to be a complete individual, within the context of the world. Venus in Aries natives can be summed up in one word: passion. Thanks to Aries being ruled by Mars, passion comes naturally and those with this aspect are not afraid to show their feelings with those they love and can be very expressive.


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