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The Moon Sign is a crucial aspect of your personality. Usually, a unique, coveted piece of the self, the moon sign conveys what is known as our “shadow self.”

This is different from the personality traits shown throughout Sun Sign or our ascendant, which are raw, bold, and “out there.” The Moon placement explains why we do what we do. It represents our comfort level, our feelings, impressionability, emotional responses, and our unconscious predestination.

It also explains our relationship to our mother, as the moon sign takes on the Mother form (the yin) to the father (the sun/ yang). These three signs make what is considered a “Personal Trifecta” of the self.

The Moon also contains our basic, rudimentary, habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing.

When the Moon is in Cancer, it is at home. As the Moon is the natural ruler of Cancer, it fits and flows easily when in this sign. The Moon represents the inner self, our emotions, personality and needs and well as the universal feminine energy and the mother.

These natives often have close connections with their mother, and connects deeply with her and the family.

Deep Understanding and Empathy

Those born with this Moon placement are unusually perceptive when it comes to emotions, even more than their solar counterparts, Cancer Suns.

They are able to feel everything, and while they may not understand their own emotions too well sometimes, Cancer Moons are almost instinctively aware of how others feel and what they need.

While capable of giving emotionally, almost to a fault, Cancer Moons can become tripped up by their own emotions and can sometimes become so self-involved that they fail to notice the impact they are having on those around them.

They become preoccupied with their own emotions that they may have to put those around them on hold until they sort their problems out. Since these Moons feel everything so intensely, sometimes it’s difficult to juggle the needs of others while dealing with their own, overwhelming emotions.

When in best form, these individuals are the best confidants you can find. They are always available to lend an ear or a hand, and actually care deeply about what you are saying.

As a Cancer Moon, you may have the annoying ability to soak up the energies of those around you. When those you love feel bad, you may often find yourself also down in the dumps in an instinctual act of solidarity.

The Downside of Emotionality

Just like their sign, they often have a crabby side. In their best moments, they have a warm, embracing energy that helps those feel at ease. In their worst, they can be like their crab namesake, emotionally closed off and bitey when approached.

They may tend to sulk when in their crabby moods, but these never last too long. This sulking behaviour is not destructive and when they are able to, these individuals will try to smooth things over as soon as their emotions are stabilized.

Cancer Moons desire peace and harmony, but for the less evolved form of these placements, if the peace is not on their terms, they may become emotionally manipulative and destructive.

The key with this sign is always emotion. Thanks to them seeing the world through a lens of emotionality, these signs are won over easily through appealing to them via feelings and memories. This helps them understand your point of view and can help them understand your struggle better.

Overcoming Feelings of Inferiority

Cancer Moons can be subject to insecurity. These feelings of not being good enough or less-than can manifest into destructive, emotionally manipulative behaviour. If the Cancer Moon feels scared or threatened, it will lash out, but this is only due to feeling unsafe.

They are not malicious beings, they just require a lot of love, care and comfort and when that is missing, they can become destructive and vindictive, hurting those around them.

One of the most powerful Moon placements, Cancer Moons feel deeply and will move mountains for those they love. Thanks to their ability to tune into others emotions, they will sense things you need and provide acts of services that you haven’t even asked of them.

These natives are thoughtful and sentimental and give just as much as they hope to receive from others. A stalwart friend and partner, if you find yourself in any kind of trouble, rest assured that these people will make their own personal mission to help you out, no matter what.


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