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Your Sun sign is your soul. The position the Sun was in relative to the earth at the time you were born, your sun sign represents who you are at your core. Symbolically, the Sun represents life, vitality, force, and action, and as it is at the center of the universe, so it is at the center of your personality. 

While no one sign is better than the other, your sun sign makes up a larger piece of the pie and is the basis of who we are, who we feel we are and who we aspire to be.

Unlike the Ascendant, the Sun sign refers to the deepest part of us, which is more genuine but less accessible because it is mostly meant for those who know us best or those who we have an intimate relationship with.

Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them
Marvin Ashton

When the Sun rests in the sign of Cancer, an interesting astrological event occurs: the creation of a person from opposite energies.

The Sun, the most important and influential star in our natal chart, is the driving masculine force in our universe, coupled with the moon, the feminine energy that flows through all living things. The fusing of the masculine with the feminine builts a sensitive and emotional person who processes information and events through the heart.

The Cancerian Personality

A deep connection to family and roots will exist in this person, as Cancer is the ruler of the 4th house or family, roots and history.

Those with Sun in Cancer may have a deep need to bond with family, or those they call their family, as they desire belonging and closeness.

While they may enjoy travelling and experiencing the world outside their doors, they are the most secure and the best versions of themselves when they have a solid home to come back to.

Sun in Cancer natives are naturally intuitive, cultivating the nurturing energies of the moon to connect with those around them. They have the capacity to understand deep suffering and emotions, and are aware – almost to a fault of changing energy currents around them.

Their sensitivity to their environment allows them to know when something may be wrong with others, even if someone may not be sharing.

With this keen insight into the human experience, it’s often a struggle for you to be vulnerable with others. The Cancer Sun placement’s identity is marked by a power struggle between the head and the heart. You may constantly grapple with yourself over whether or not you should allow your emotions to be seen, felt or shared, or if you should keep them bottled up and hidden away.

These natives are often known for their “off-kilter” personalities and possess what is known as a “wacky” sense of humour, thanks to the moon’s influence. They are affectionate, creative and have this keen instinct of protection, marked by their crab sigil. While they may seem fragile or gentle at first, their depth and emotionality give them a strength and bravery that is unlike any other zodiac sign. They rise to the task and do it in their own, unique ways.

Shifting Moods

Cancer Sun natives must be aware of how their emotionality affects others. Since emotion is what guides them in many, if not all matters, they feel and express before anything else.

This could lead to lack of reflection, and gut reactions when in tough situations. Thanks to the impact of the moon on this placement, Cancer Suns must be aware of their mood swings and learn to temper them if they hope to evolve. Just like the moon’s tides, this sign’s emotions are subject to shifting within moments for no apparent reason, leaving those around them scrambling to figure out how to manage and walking on eggshells.

Cancer Suns must take care to not always give themselves away to others, despite wanting to help, all the world’s troubles are not your burden. This can undermine your energy and impede your personal growth.

With the ability to pick up on the energies around you, you must remember to take time to set boundaries so that you do not absorb energies around you, which in turn can easily make your mood swing doubly worse! Working on your boundaries and your personal shield can be your best defence; space and time help too!

As a Cardinal Water Sign, this placement wants to act and move, but sometimes time is your best friend, especially when it comes to emotion.

As a final thought: never forget that you’re above all, an empath. As soon as you are able to embrace your identity as one, you can begin to accept your own natural and authentic emotions and feelings.


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