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Those born with both their Sun and Moon in Scorpio are intense, creative and mysterious souls. It can be hard to pin them down or fully understand the depths of their soul and emotion. Predicting their behaviours can be difficult, as they rarely show emotion out of fear of vulnerability. 

Scorpio-Sun Scorpio-Moon individuals throw themselves into everything, full force. Every action must mean something to them, and they will not put work into things that do not reflect their heart’s desire. As very emotional beings, they are also great at hiding their feelings. They can be very secretive and keep their true feelings, needs and desires closed up. They rarely open up, unless you are someone they consider family or very close to them.

A matured Sun and Moon in Scorpio may one day feel free to share with others without fear of judgement. But to get to this place, they must work hard to find peace, balance and trust in themselves and in others. Avoiding paranoia and depressive thoughts is necessary for these individuals and could be something they struggle with for their entire lives.

Sun and Moon in Scorpio

The Emotional Ebb and Flow

These individuals may be extreme in emotion and fall in love with the cycle of toxic emotion. When this happens, they may find it hard to get out of toxic situations. If they stay in a bad situation long enough, they may take on the mantle of a martyr.

The Scorpio Sun and Moon native will be high today and low tomorrow. This is the natural rhythm of their life. Their moods will have a lot to do with the way they are acting. 

Despite being a fixed combination, these people are impulsive and fast-acting. They have to actively work to keep themselves and their impulses in control if they want to be appreciated and maintain valuable relationships.

They are some of the most intense, hardworking and determined amongst us. Thanks to this determination, those with their Sun and Moon in Scorpio will usually succeed at everything they are doing.

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Double the Water, Double the Emotion

They can be domineering with everyone who decides to enter into their realm. In very underdeveloped individuals, they rarely accept other people’s opinions or feel the need to cooperate. The natural defiance is not because they want to control everything (okay, maybe just a bit), but it’s more about believing they know better. 

One way of looking at this is that they could also see their loved ones as an extension of themselves. The control they need in their life can be projected on their loved ones, with no expectation for them to follow suit. To be close to these individuals means that you must not take their mood swings and expectations too seriously.

The person they partner with should be open to their mood swings and easy-going. They will have to find ways to flatter this dual Scorpio ego and find ways to create balance and reciprocity. 

This combination of the dual signs is also known for a good sense of humour, incredible energy and high spirits. The unison between their soul and their emotions can make it easy for them to find humour in the darker side of things. They will attract many people because they’re sincere and goofy.

No combination is more loyal in the Zodiac, and one would make the right choice in befriending a Scorpio-Sun Scorpio-Moon combination. 

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