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It’s starting to feel a little like Fall, and with the cooler weather, we welcome Virgo season and a Full Moon in Pisces 2020. Virgo season is a time where you can shift your focus from summer fun to productive passion work. We start the first two weeks of Virgo season off right with a full moon in intuitive, dreamy Pisces. 

This full Moon will inspire deep emotional work, and highlight aspects of our dreams. Furthermore, Uranus will be making some exciting aspects with both the Sun and the full Moon simultaneously. Expect bursts of inspiration, wildcards, and exciting shifts in thoughts and stances. You’ll feel more open to experimenting and will be less judging of yourself and others. 

Through it all, remain open-minded, open-hearted and trust that your intuition has your best interest in mind. Depending on where it hits your chart, you will have different areas of your life impacted. Grab your birth chart here.

The Power of the Full Moon in Pisces 2020

This is a strong, catalyzing influence that builds a structure for substantial astrological changes and complexities that will arrive from now until the end of the year. This is the perfect time for trying something different in your domestic or personal life. You’ll be able to express a different, unique side of your personality. Unexpected encounters can bring instant attraction and new friendships.

Flashes of brilliance and a more powerful intuition can lead you in making quick, beneficial decisions.

Follow your gut and make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Full moon September 2020 is also suitable for breaking old habits and replacing them with something new.

Full Moon in Pisces 2020 shines a Light into the Darkness

Every Full Moon is a time of closure, catharsis and culmination. It’s an opportunity to shine a light on areas of your life that seem shrouded in darkness. It’s time to do a check-in with yourself on where you are and what you have been working on: internally and externally. This is different from the impacts of a New Moon, which inspires fresh starts and energies that initiate change.  

With any transit connected to Neptune – Pisces’ ruler, we are contending with issues with the subconscious and the Twelfth House. Neptune and the Twelfth House rule secrets, deception, and illusion. This Full Moon will bring her light to this area of your life. You may experience massive shifts and revelations from within and around political movements. We are illuminated to what is bubbling under the surface, finding the truth where it was once hidden.  

Where have we been misled? What has been kept from us? These questions may bring you some interesting answers. 

After a fiery and masculine Leo Season, this Pisces Full moon brings a soothing, feminine touch to our world. Pisces is sensitive, empathetic and intuitive. As a mutable sign, she will beg us to be flexible, open and willing to flow with the moving waters. You may feel a heightened sense of compassion, empathy and awareness in your life, to those who you love. Let your intuition breathe and guide you this Full Moon. She has your back. 

Sun and Moon Opposition 

A Full Moon is a Sun opposite Moon aspect that brings your home, safety, family and most intimate relationships to the forefront. The first two weeks of this moon phase will highlight the tension between opposing forces. From home vs. work, what we desire vs. what we need, we will experience pushes and pulls that may build up pressure and cause energy drains. 

The Full Moon energy peaks during a Full Moon and your emotions and instincts reach a fever pitch. It can be a cathartic time where you can use an increased amount of emotional and intuitive strength to overcome any challenges that come your way. Your personal relationships will come into sharper focus. You will be able to view them in a more impartial and balanced way. 

Moon Opposition Sun builds tension between our logic, meticulousness and ability to discern, vs. the expansion of that which is intangible in our worlds. We are craving the elimination of the boxes that we are put in through our lives. The ones we put ourselves in that inhibit us from becoming who we truly are. 

Pisces provides the opportunity to connect with the collective, the earth and the divine. Truly, we must give ourselves permission to access the sacred, magical and effervescent place that may seem devoid of logic. If you are a logic-driven person, lean into the mystical, and trust your intuition.

This time is ripe for transcending, and ultimately letting go of our antiquated aggression and disillusionment around power. 

Other Aspects to the Full Moon 

With this Full Moon in Pisces, we are also subject to a Venus in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn opposition. The Cancer/Capricorn Axis comes with a tension between a need for nurturing, comfort, security vs. dominance, power-dynamics and control. 

This opposition between Venus and Saturn joins a Cardinal Grand Cross, making us feel pulled in several different directions to make things a bit more complicated. Undoubtedly, being self-aware and knowing what we want and need will help make this time a bit easier. Throwing Mars in Aries into the mix with the Venus Saturn opposition, we feel influential, pioneering and sovereignty. There is freedom in this chaos. 

This Cardinal Grand Cross of Venus, Mars and Saturn signifies shifting power dynamics coming to a head with a unified, social call for fairness, equality and respect. Balance and justice are what we are all striving for, from the individual and for the community. 

We are experiencing a collapse of old vs. new structures, ideas and ways of living—whichever way that looks to you, personally, and for our world, as a collective. We are being asked to repair shaky foundations that are no longer serving us to make a new world. 

Uranus and the Full Moon in Pisces

Uranus and the Full Moon will be meeting in a sextile, and then sitting opposite the Sun in Virgo. This is clarity-inspiring earth and water trine that connects with Uranus in Taurus. Themes of bucking authority or constraints may be present. You will not want to be controlled within a system of oppression and corruption. 

This aspect also feeds into Uranus’ nature of needing freedom and sparking innovation. The favourable trine and sextile aspects influence how these planets (Uranus, Sun and Moon) work together. This will affect change within all of our lives and collectively impacting our value systems and understanding the status quo.

This is an extraordinary full moon to help you break free from monotony and relieve pressure caused by extended restrictions and frustrations that the world — and you have been feeling. 

Moon Journaling for the Full Moon in Pisces 2020

Moon journaling during both the New and Full Moon helps you flow with the lunar energies that come your way every month. Here are some of the prompts that I use to help direct my Full Moon in Pisces journalling.

They help me explore precisely what I need and what creative or spiritual searching must be done to benefit from this mutable water sign’s magical, empathic imagination. 

Check back to our last post to learn more about why journaling during a moon phase is helpful.

Use the following journal prompts for this Full Moon in Pisces:

  • How have I have changed, shifted, or morphed since the beginning of this year?
  • In what ways do I honestly honour my spirituality, my intuition, and my soul. How do I engage in what matters most to me?
  • Where should I direct my energies best this month to work on releasing what has been building up inside? What would benefit me most? What do I need from myself and my loved ones to make this happen? 
  • How are my emotions impacting my health and wellbeing, and what can I do to remedy this? Do I need more self-care? Do I want to build new routines? 

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