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A Mutable Union: Gemini and Pisces together 

Coupled with a Pisces Sun, this aspect brings a native interested in the human condition, interested in connecting with others through selfless gestures, feelings, and experiences.

A mutable combination that may cause more headaches than happiness, the two signs share the same changeable, flexible and adaptable temperament, allowing you to understand all angles, sides, and all areas of a situation. 

This combination can sometimes lead to uncertainty and some contradictions. Many with this Gemini Rising, Pisces Sun can learn early in life to tap into their emotional Pisces energy and to put themselves in another’s shoes, adding some sensitivity to the keen, investigatory insight that the airy Ascendant brings.

The Ascendant tends to shield the Sun from potential hurt, meaning that you probably hide your idealistic and dreamy Piscean tendencies from the outer world, preferring to go forth with a cooler, more analytical vibe that comes with Gemini.


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