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The Leo Ascendant is showy, proud and compassionate. Their generosity knows no bounds! When they shine their attention on you, you in turn shine as bright as they do. Read on to learn more about this placement.

Understanding the Ascendant

Known also as your Rising sign, the Ascendant represents the spot where the Sun sat on the horizon at the time of your birth. Many astrologers consider this to be the “awakening consciousness” of the soul that represents how we present ourselves to the world. With each planet accounted for in the chart, some astrologers consider the Ascendant the placement for the planet Earth.

This is a powerful aspect of your personality that influences people’s first impressions of you, how you interact socially, and how you view and relate to others. The Rising sign determines how a person looks and acts around others. It is also an important element when it comes to what impact the individual has on everyone, symbolizing the first impressions people get about a person.

When you meet a person for the first time, you are judging them on their social mask, or the Ascendant. The more you get to know them, the deeper you go, the more you see their Sun sign and ultimately their Moon sign behaviours. The Ascendant is more physical and instinctive than the Sun. The Ascendant refers to the appearance and “to seem,” whereas the Sun is what is hidden and “to be.”

Leo Ascendant: Creativity and Self-Expression

Creativity, authority, and power are the essence of this ascendant. With a high need for love, admiration, affection, and applause, these people tend towards eccentricity and yearn to express themselves creatively in everything they do. 

A goal for these people is to become independent and distinct people. Pride may be their downfall, and arrogance in the place of emotion can be a truth for how they may operate. 

They must first show an excellent effort to deserve respect and admiration. Many Leo Ascendants who fail to shine may become bitter, lost and melancholy. There is nothing worse in life than a Leo that does not believe in themselves, and to see one fall, is a sad sight indeed. A crucial learning is to give without expecting something in return. 

In the case of those who are a little less evolved as Leos, tendencies towards emotional manipulation and immature expressions to gain attention can be found. These individuals must learn that true self-lessness means that you do not get anything in return. 

A Leo Ascendant implies a very outgoing nature. This fire energy is what people recognize first about the native’s personality. Creative in some form, be it fashion, personality or even hairstyle, these people like to stand out. Others gravitate towards Leo Ascendants thanks to their magnetic and optimistic aura, and the ease at which they navigate social situations is legendary. Cheery and lively, Leo Ascendants will have a very attractive face with classically good looking characteristics. Their smile stands out most of all, and even on the worst days, they seem to always be smiling. 

Larger than Life

Being ruled by the Sun has its benefits: passion, creativity and magnanimity. Like the Sun itself, they are likely to be fixed in focus – appearing constant and reliable, with a cheerful disposition that uplifts others. 

They live with the belief that life must be enjoyed. They may feel an inclination to live in a grand, flamboyant manner, befitting their “special” status. Adversely, depending on other aspects in a chart, these individuals may be happy with simple surroundings but will make an effort to ensure plenty of time for pleasure, romance or fun.

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Larger than Life

In some ways, they are likely to have a larger-than-life attitude and personality. They are all about grand gestures, big dreams and stunning vistas. They are capable and demanding authority figures, befitting roles in leadership and community positions. 

Others respond well to Leo Ascendant’s kindness, sense of fun, faith and optimism. As a rule, any Leo placement tends to be proud. This is what makes up part of how these natives accomplish so much. Despite their desire to be a great and healthy ego, these individuals are sometimes insecure despite their capabilities. Above all else, they despise criticism and people calling their intentions into question.

As the royal sign of Leo, there may be a tendency to expect “the royal treatment” from those around them. The expectation that those in their life will bend depending to their needs. If not received, their temper could flare.

Thanks to the Leo and Sun influence, these natives have a natural charisma about them and are automatically attracted to your bright energy. A Leo Ascendant can make a good leader as people are naturally inclined to follow them.

They also will be adept at storytelling, writing, and poetry. Anything that allows them to be creative will draw these individuals in. 

A Mature Leo

When young, these people may have trouble adjusting their expectations to the actual circumstances of their life, but over time they can learn how to find the magic every day and the best in the people around them.

By recognizing where their talents lie and turning them into strengths, they can find joy in life and avoid melancholic moments. This means taking the time required to be their best and make the most of their unique gifts.

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