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In my last post, we talked about the impacts of Leo Season, and how you can work with the energies over the next month. Now, being five days in, and following some reflection, I thought it would be helpful to outline some significant Leo Season 2020 transits and milestones, and how you can positively harness that energy. 

Leo Season (July 22-August 22) shifts the focus to you, your soul and the passion that drives us all. It’s a magical time of the year that the Sun, and the self, becomes our primary goal at this time is to understand our passions and our soul calling. 

When the Sun moves into it’s ruling sign, we are all imbued with the life-giving energies that we need to sustain our journeys.  Depending on where Leo is in your chart or what planets are in your 5th House, you may have different questions to answer and different challenges to face. Let’s read on to learn more about what you can expect from Leo Season 2020 Transits.

July 23rd, 2020 – Comet Neowise. 

Just last week, we witnessed the comet Neowise come close to Earth. After 6,800 years, Neowise is making its return to Earth – a rare and unique moment. 

When comets come close to Earth, it’s usually an indication of a change. This phenomenon often brings a heavenly message of opportunity and the possibility of permanent change. I know what you’re thinking – more change? How can this year shift anymore? The comet’s impact has on our world is yet to be seen, but we can hope that the change this rare occasion brings will be positive and renewing. We need some good news! 

July 25th, 2020 – Mars in Aries Begins its Shadow Period.

Mars is a major theme across all Leo Season 2020 transits.

In fact, just two days ago, Mars moved into its shadow period, marking the beginning of Mars Retrograde. When a planet moves into a shadow period, it begins slowing down before the main retrograde event, which will arrive in late September. 

Note what has shifted in your life in the past two days. Has anything unfurled or presented itself to you? Maybe there has been a change in energy or shift of focus. Whatever dominant themes you may be contending with now hold clues that you should watch for when Mars enters full retrograde. 

Shadow periods also bring tension, and when in the realm of Mars, our energies may have dipped or conflict may have arisen. You’re not alone here. Take it day by day and make sure to take appropriate rest. Retrogrades in any planet cause a sluggishness of energy, whether it is mental, mystical, emotional or physical. In Mars, retrogrades will sap your physical strength, and you may feel like you are losing motivation or steam. 

Hot Tip: Wrap up any big projects or endeavours now before the actual retrograde begins and start preparing.  

August 2nd, 2020 – Sun Square Uranus.

A Square is a tension-forming aspect in Astrology. Squares are when two signs of the same modality meet. The energy doesn’t flow as evenly and can cause friction. It also indicates a challenge to be overcome and a place to learn. In Astrology, modalities include:

  • Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)
  • Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)
  • Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)   

On August 2nd, the Sun in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus. This event peaks on the 2nd, meaning that you will probably be feeling the effects a few days before. This feeling is marked by a nervous bubbling inside. Feelings of impending change may consume us, and in some, doom, especially for those who are adverse to change).

Feelings around our soul’s stability, our passion or security may be challenged. You may feel that what you’ve been working on is for naught. 

Hot Tip: The key is to take time to remember that we have been investing in ourselves (thanks to Uranus in Taurus), and despite this feeling of insecurity, things will be okay. It is in your best interest to keep your mind as flexible and open as possible as you enter what may be a stage of prolonged uncertainty. 

Be aware of emotional outbursts from you or loved ones and flow with changes as they come. 

While 2020 has brought general feelings of uncertainty to us, all this aspect may cause a heightened awareness of what we are lacking. It will bring up questions around security and change. Sticking to a routine is one of the safer ways to ride out this aspect. Rely on things that make you feel safe and make you feel like you are trending towards growth. 

August 3rd, 2020 – Aquarius Full Moon.

Another Uranus-driven aspect follows the Square from the 2nd. We may feel a higher, emotional change with the Aquarius Full Moon. Everything in the stars is begging you to change your life, but the way that this plays out is up to you. 

Approach any change during this time with openness and adaptability. React patiently and read between the lines: no matter how drastic change can be, these are all necessary to grow and build towards a better, more stable version of yourself. This is the soul work that Leo season demands of you, and the Uranus-ruled Aquarius is pushing you to think bigger. 

This Full Moon comes with a more substantial influence than most as the aspect orb is just over one degree. Uranus brings uncertainty and unpredictability, making this an emotionally-volatile time. Thanks to other opposing transits, such as Sun Square Uranus and Mercury opposite Saturn, we may be likely to take a negative view of what transpires. Learn more about what these other transits mean for you at one of my favourite Astrology sites, Astrology King.   

August 4th – Mars Square Jupiter.

Another Square? AND involving Mars? I know, I know – it all sounds pretty bleak, but never fear. This is a positive aspect that helps you lay a foundation and will help you tackle the next half of the year with strength, focus, and resilience. This specific transit will also help manage what will come during the Mars Retrograde at the end of September. 

In early August, when Jupiter in Capricorn connects with Mars in Aries, the two Cardinal signs will create some friction, irritability, and restlessness. Once you get past the initial frustration, you’ll see that there is energy and initiative to go forth and take risks. Be aware of how you come off during this time; while you have the desire to do, you may lack the tact and grace, resulting in interpersonal friction. 

This Square brings impulse and rash action. Take time to plan out what you need, step back and gain a clearer picture of things before jumping in. I’d say this is one of the more powerful Leo Season 2020 transits and understanding how to manage it can be to your benefit.

Hot Tip: A little planning and strategy can help your efforts find success. Jupiter, the planet of excess, is giving you the opportunity, but hot-headed, action-oriented Mars may blow it. Think before you react, and don’t lose your cool. 

August 7th, 2020 – Venus enters Cancer.

Venus finally makes her move this August, going from Gemini (where we’ve been hanging out since April) to Cancer. We’re released from Venus Retrograde and have learned the lessons that Venus in Gemini sought to teach. From here, we now move into the more devotional, nurturing space that Cancer provides.

Trends of self-love, self-protection and depth of emotion reign supreme during this transit, and we grow through giving to others. We are more open to closeness and dependence than during the Gemini in Venus transit, looking for security tenderness and comfort over adventure and variety. Venus in Cancer transits inspires us to show love through devotion, acts of service and affection. We desire security and go towards people who can provide that for us. 

August 7th will have you feeling the most of this transit. You may be more sensitive – but relish in it! Connect with others, and take care of yourself. Coupling the Sun in Leo with this transit, you can find that glow up by nurturing your soul and spending time with yourself. 

August 13th, 2020 – Mars Square Pluto.

Mars is in focus this month, yet again! We are getting ready for our big retrograde, so use your heightened intuition and learnings from the Full Moon to zone in on what in your life needs a tune-up. 

Combustible and destructive, when Mars and Pluto meet, they bring some intense energies to the forefront. As with any Pluto transit, be aware of power dynamics, scenarios concerning control and aggression in your life. As mention before, a Square causes tension, so when a square happens between these two planets, we know things can get heavy. 

The goal during this transit is to not repress your desires, ambition or goals (and boy, will you have those!), but instead to express them constructively. If you don’t take the time to change your approach, you may express this pent-up energy in aggressive, power-hungry ways. This transit indicates power politics in favour of those who have more power. 

If you are someone who has power over another (racially, socially or professionally), avoid being overly aggressive and add grace to your interactions. This transit makes me feel SO glad that the majority of us are working from home right now. Stay home if you can and make sure you take a beat before responding to anything! Now is not the time to start making enemies. 

August 15th, 2020 – Uranus Retrograde.

Yup, you read that right. On the 15th, we are graced with yet another retrograde. After having that impactful Sun Square Uranus transit at the beginning of the month, we are asked again to be open to change. The change that only a planet like Uranus can bring. In Taurus, Uranus finds an unlikely fit: one is steadfast and likes to build, the other is innovative, current and changes on a dime. 

This dichotomy is further emphasized by the nature of Uranus retrogrades. We are asked to work on our inner selves in response to external changes, either chosen or thrust upon us. Already this year, we’ve been asked to change our entire lives in reaction to the pandemic. We are more well-poised to take advantage of the lessons this retrograde has to offer than ever before. Learning that change is constant and avoiding or resisting it will only stop you from achieving growth and success.

Aspects that Uranus retrograde makes to your chart will detail the type of change and the areas of life affected.

While we’ve been changing our entire lives, the areas of your chart that connect with Uranus, or Taurus, will undergo the most significant amount of change. For me, my Ascendant in Taurus will be impacted, giving me time to consider how I present myself and how others perceive me.

Retrogrades, while arduous, provide us with space to grow through reflection. Consider it time for review and acceptance. 

August 17th, 2020 – Sun Conjunct Mercury.

Coming in at the tail end of the season, Mercury moves to join the Sun in Leo. For a short time, we will feel the ease of energy flow between our souls and how we express ourselves. 

There will be a sharper focus on your internal thought processes and communications, giving you the mental space to easily knock things off your to-do lists. This transit inspires expression, and you may feel more connected to what you are saying. This is a great time to accomplish business deals, sell and make plans. 

When Mercury, the planet of rationality, logic, communication and thinking meets Leo, our words are proud, gut-driven and full of bravado. This is the perfect time to charm and chat about things that electrify you; you can keep an audience on their toes and sound very official. 

August 18th, 2020 – New Moon in Leo.

A new start. New Moons breathe new life and energy into our worlds. 

Here is where we feel the impacts of Leo on our lives. Emotionally and at a soul level, the New Moon sets us up for new beginnings. Creative endeavours may flourish, a new project may start. Whatever comes your way, you have everything within you to make it happen. 

Leo Season 2020 Transits – Doing the Hard, Soul Work.

While these are just some of the major events coming our way this Leo Season, the lessons and the impacts will be felt for the next half of the year. Leo Season 2020 Transits helps us tap into our personal power, but it does come with trials and hardships.

Be mindful of your response and work to understand the underlying meaning and power dynamics of every interaction. Learn from these moments and understand that others are on the same journey. 

As always, connect with me if you want to learn more about your chart and what the rest of the year has in store for you.


Taurus Rising, Leo Sun and Cancer Moon, Toronto-based Astrologer. Let's read the stars together!

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