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Today marks the start of Leo Season! A fixed fire sign, Leo represents vitality, creativity and the inner child. Ruling the 5th House of romance, passion and creative pursuits, Leo Season brings joy and focus to your endeavours as you begin to manifest your soul’s purpose. This year, Leo Season 2020 encourages you to focus on fostering and pursuing your innermost desires. 

If you find that you’ve been floundering in all the feels, emotions and general moodiness that comes with Cancer Season, you’re not alone! This summer has been rife with astrological ups and downs, which have undoubtedly been magnified by new pandemic reality. As the Sun rises from the watery, emotional depths of Cancer and comes home to Leo, we feel more carefree, energetic, confident and powerful. Now is the time to feed those egos, love on ourselves and take our creativity to the next level.  

Coming in at high summer, off the tail of several major eclipses, retrograde cycles (we’re still in the midst of a few!), a restrictive new moon in Cancer (opposite Saturn in Capricorn that brought a sense of severity and hardship to our world last week), we enter Leo season looking for emotional release – and relief. But before we can tap into these energies, we must consider and understand the role that the sign Leo plays in our world. 

Leo Season: Time for a Glow Up

Leo Season comes with gifts this year. On top of that great news, we have more positive astrological movements. Following the start of Leo Season, our friend Venus, the planet of love and fortune, enters Leo on July 27th, illuminating and bringing a marked exuberance to your love and home lives. It’s time for a glow up! 

And as if the news couldn’t get any better, we finally get our of Mercury retrograde on July 31st. Jupiter (the benefic planet of expansion, growth, learning and luck) also goes from retrograde to direct August 11th. And FINALLY: we also get a gift on August 14th, an exciting day known as the Venus Star Point that will intensify all things related to love, beauty and pleasure. It’s the perfect time to fall in love: with yourself or with someone else. 

What is the Venus Star Point, and how does it impact you? I’ll share that in a blog this weekend. Sign up for my newsletter here to stay in the know! 

Understanding the Sacred Masculine

To understand the impacts of Leo, we must first learn about the Sacred Masculine. 

Ruled by the Sun, the most significant energy source in our solar system, Leo is a shining representation of the sacred masculine. When a sign has a Masculine modality as Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini do, the energy ruling this sign is tilted towards action. 

The Masculine energy impacts your identity and the houses that are naturally ruled by Air or Fire signs, including: 

  • the Ascendant (First House),
  • the 3rd House (ruled by Gemini),
  • the 5th House (ruled by Leo),
  • 7th House (ruled by Libra), 
  • The 9th House (ruled by Gemini), and 
  • The 11th House (ruled by Aquarius). 

Depending on your chart, if you have specific planets in any of these houses, you may have a particular “masculine” outlook on your personality and day-to-day life. 

It’s important to remember that while we use the term “masculine,” these qualities truly have no relation to gender as we know it. It is about the energy that is brought along with these signs and houses. When we find ourselves in Masculine energy flow, Fire signs will profit the most, thriving and growing through their heart’s desires. Air signs will discover the ease of communication and expression. 

During this 2020 Leo Sun Transit, those who are fixed-sign heavy (Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus) may find that they are a bit blockedThe Sun will be squaring their sign, causing tension and energy bottlenecks. 

My advice for fixed signs: learn to go with the flow as much as possible this month and find a carefree outlook. It’ll help you manage that what seems insurmountable.

Passion and Authenticity: The Leo Way

No matter your placements or your Sun Sign, 2020’s Leo Season will impact each person differently. You may feel more equipped to go and get the things you believe you deserve; you may feel more creative, spirited and passionate about projects and goals. 

When the Sun is in its domicile, or ruling Sign, of Leo, we all benefit. It’s important to remember that the Sun does not discriminate; it imbues its energy, strength, and power. It reminds us that we all live and breathe under the same Sun. 

Making the Most of Leo Season

Leo is about authenticity. You can make the most of this season by tapping into your individuality and going after your soul’s desire. The Sun’s radiant energies this month will help you get there, and succeed in the process. 

While Leo has a reputation for egoism, self-centredness and general self-absorbtion, don’t fear this season and instead, learn to embrace it and flip the script. 

Work with the hyper-focus on the self that Leo brings and try to avoid seeing the parts of yourself that are negative. Be aware of toxic self-conscious cycles and shift the focus on to the things that you do love about yourself. Find ways to highlight them in your everyday and surround yourself with those who uplift and empower you. 

Another hot tip: it’s not about you. While it’s easy to fall into the belief that everything concerns you, and the Sun’s energy in Leo may heighten that feeling – avoid it at all costs. It can be off-putting and hogging the spotlight can be alienating. Work to see a situation from all sides and be flexible; Leo’s fixed sign stubbornness is legendary, but you can rise above it and emerge from tough situations with enviable grace. 

And remember: despite what our ego says, there is enough room at the table for us all, so share the spotlight and give people their dues! A benevolent leader is a well-loved leader. 


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