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Today is not only the first day of Libra Season 2020 but also the Equinox! Exciting, fresh energy all around us. The Equinox marks when the length of our days is equal to the length of our nights. This day is the start of a new season – and the beginning of a new cycle. Change, transition and movement is happening around us, but Libra Season asks us to find balance and steadiness through it all. 

Libra, the Cardinal Air Sign, encourages us to find a healthy balance through all of our endeavours. We can accomplish much through our minds and our relationships. 

This year, we are empowered to let go of unproductive or unhealthy mental constructs and frameworks. What isn’t working for us anymore? What do we deserve, and how do we obtain it? It’s time for an internal refresh. 

Connecting with the Inner Self

As we’ve been saying in the last few weeks, there have been many energy shifts causing aggravation, confusion and issues with communication. This is mostly thanks to the influence of Mars retrograde in Aries (the sign opposite to Libra). We also will experience a Mercury retrograde during this Libra Season. 

The double effect of these retrogrades will make you feel like you are hitting your head against a wall, but we also welcome a heightened intuition that helps us connect with our inner self in a more meaningful way. 

While two retrogrades may have you putting your back up, never fear, Saturn turns direct at the end of September. Saturn going direct will be a potent cosmic movement. This shift will lighten the mood and free up more space to explore and understand ourselves. We will come to the culmination of a karmic cycle that we have been working on since December 2017. We’re all ready for this breath of fresh air. 

Things may seem muddled on the outside. We have been in a haze of confusion and can’t make out which path we should take, but on the inside, we are experiencing growth and shifts like never before. Turn inwards and use your heightened intuition to discover your authentic voice. 

The Balance of the Scales – Libra Season 2020

The sign Libra is represented by the scales. Finding equality, balance, and equilibrium is how this sign and its energy exists in our world. During this solar transit, we are encouraged to weigh out all sides of a situation, take in information wisely, and trust our experiences to make the right judgement calls. 

This sign is not just about what we see as fair, just or equitable: it is about the truth behind the structures we have built and our understandings of morals and truth. Deeper than human-made concepts, what do we know in our hearts, as humans, as truth? Are we living up to our fullest potential? Even more important: are we living in accordance with our soul’s desire. Are we living the most authentic life possible? 

No matter where you have been in the past, this year’s Libra energy encourages you to dive deep into forgiveness and compassion. 

Recognize that you, just like everyone, deserve love, kindness and empathy. No matter where one has been, our responsibility is to do what we feel is right, honest, true and validated in our hearts. We should aspire to live in our own truth and not in the truth of others. 

This Libra Season 2020, you have time to reflect on authenticity. Libras are negatively known as “people pleasers” or unable to forge a path of balance and clarity for themselves, but this energy can help you achieve what is right for you if used properly. Don’t just go along with what others say. Disagree with the social structures that no longer serve you. Avoid comparison and accepting unsolicited opinions. 

Check-in with what you truly want and find a way to give yourself the things you need to live in accordance with your authentic self. 

Stay tuned for updates on Mercury Retrograde and Saturn direct! 


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