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Intense Mars feels comfy and safe in Scorpio. In traditional Astrology, Mars was ascribed rulership to both Scorpio and Aries. Currently, Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and Aries is not only associated with Mars. Still, we believe that Scorpio shares a deep bond with this sign. The connection between the two gives the individual an insightful depth and passion to drive their hearts desires to completion.

Scorpio is keenly interested in getting to the bottom of things so they can be completely transformed. At the same time, the action planet of Mars is adept at stimulating and provoking change. A great way to describe this placement is tenacious. Tenacity is common with motivated Mars in this Fixed sign.

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Here exists the ability to weather and work through the most difficult challenges that life throws at them. Each time, they come out transformed and with a new perspective.

In fact, many astrologers have said that Mars in Scorpio despises doing things the easy way. Following through with that idea of a “Razor’s Edge Path,” Scorpio placements must learn to accept their lot in life. They will learn at a young age that they must flow through every challenge. Resistance is just another obstacle to test Mars’ power here.

Mars in Scorpio empowers us to unleash our drive and ambition. It pushes us to see how far we can go, how deeply we can dig. In this sign, Mars isn’t motivated to compromise or even consider what anyone else has to say.

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The Cosmic Backbone

Here, Scorpio gives us the gift of the ultimate cosmic backbone. It helps us feel completely in charge of our actions, and our destiny.

This placement is very difficult to control. It can be intensely willful and never afraid to explore the darker, more vulnerable side of life. The Mars in Scorpio individual has a deep intuition that helps them uncover the truth even before they have all the facts.

They demand honesty from those around them. When they sense someone is being dishonest — and they will, thanks to Pluto’s perception — they’ll investigate until they find out what’s really going on. Their hunches tend to actually mean something – and when they listen and tune into their gut, they can’t go wrong.

Mars in Scorpio: Investigators and Drawn to the Macabre

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These natives make excellent investigators and thanks to Pluto’s influence, have a strange interest in mysteries, horror and the macabre.

Mars in Scorpio placements have a constant need to routinely go through psychological self-examination, hoping to find the deep insights that they need to feel at peace with the often tumultuous sides of their personalities.

Mars in Scorpio helps the native develop their personal power. It allows them to find strength in themselves and to be fully autonomous, as long as they have earned it.

As long as we choose to rise above the shadows — power struggles, revenge, bitterness, and an inability to forgive that come with the Scorpio nature– we have an opportunity to master these parts of ourselves with courage, discipline, and willpower.

Mars is about forward momentum, and Scorpio is about emotions. When you bring them together, it indicates a person whose attitudes and actions are intense, powerful, and willful. These people are capable of great endurance and depth.

These people are fighters who can dust themselves off no matter how many times life knocks them down. Their resilience is legendary.

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