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Mars in Taurus natives do not like to waste time on frivolous activities or to daydream. When they make plans, they are realistic and achievable and can accomplish anything that they set their minds to.

Taurus Mars proceed steadily with the material goals they have set, and thanks to the patient nature of the earth sign Taurus, they have a realistic approach to attaining their hearts’ desires.

Their main goal in life is about achieving stability. At the end-of-the-day, a Taurus placement wants just one thing: a beautiful, quiet place to settle down.

One lesson for this sign is that they must understand that the secret to achieving this stability lies in not just blindly accepting the materialistic ideals of society that are foisted upon them but also that they determine what security is.

This realization in life may come at any time and indicate the need for a change in direction.

When Taurus placements decide to make changes (which is not often), whether personal or professional, the change is irreversible.

This Mars placement is the type that builds strength, enduring careers, and prolific titans of industries. 

For them, it’s about showing and doing, not just saying. They are the ones who show up for work on time no matter what. And despite not having the verve and flair that other Mars signs (especially the fiery ones have), they make up for in pure grit and perseverance.

Staying the Course

This Taurus Mars individual bides its time, stays the course, and goes above and beyond to get to the top. Tactical and wily, this sign will sacrifice a battle to win a war and will do it with grace and natural ease; all thanks to their ruling planet of Venus. 

This native must be aware of their tempers. The Taurus sign has a reputation of patience until they are pushed too far. Being aware of truculence, meaning that they can be eager or quick to argue or fight and aggressively defiant. If this placement gets stuck on one thing, they can have some serious control issues and dictatorial tendencies to work through.

While we exalt the persistence of a Taurus placement, as it pays off and can help build empires, it can quickly become a negative trait. Beating a dead horse may be an excellent way to explain those who have Mars in Taurus.

Say what you will about Taurus, but this sign bestows a real staying power.


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