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Mercury is responsible for our intellect, wit, and reasoning. Our ability to discern between arguments and how we articulate those words in a conversation is thanks to our Mercury placements.

Mercury in Cancer in the natal chart provides the native with a sincere, emotional and sensitive way of communicating. Your language is heart-driven and you may tend towards connecting through emotion and sentimentality.

This placement gives you the ability to communicate with anybody making you adaptable and very likable.

Cancer is the ruler of the fourth house of home, family, history and antiquities. As such, when your mercury is in Cancer, you may have a deep connection with the past.

Connecting Through The Heart and The Past

From your familial history to the world’s history, this placement will give an individual love for antiquities, certain time periods, or even a specific fashion style from the past. In this placement, you may also tend towards collecting things, maybe even obscure objects from the past. 

In a chart, Mercury rules our intellect, communication, and reasoning.

When Mercury is in Cancer, you think with emotions and process everything through this mental pathway. The influence of the Moon brings an intuitive feel to conversations with you, and graciousness and approachability are hallmarks of this placement. Many will enjoy being around you thanks to your kindness and non-judgmental nature. 

You may tend towards worrying or anxiety, especially in social situations. This sign, while appreciative of social connection, definitely needs ample time alone for self-exploration of their imagination and to recuperate and replenish when depleted.

Thanks to the emotional connection, your mind may always feel busy and overwrought; it’s important that individuals with this placement take time to retreat when needed.  

A poetic soul, Mercury in Cancer loves to swim deep in all types of emotions; from sadness to happiness, these natives know how to see the beauty in all.

You may also enjoy having an outlet for your emotional excess and feel a sense of commiseration with the archetype of the starving artist. 


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