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Passionate and deep communicators, Mercury in Scorpio is on a never-ending quest to get to the very heart of every matter. This desire surfaces in anything that requires thought and in almost every conversation they engage in.

They can be completely fearless when it comes to delving into depths that nobody else dares to explore. Those with Mercury in Scorpio are adept at honing in on the source and the core of any problem, issue or concern.

They are both blessed and cursed (depending on how you look at it) with a surveillance cameras observation skills. It’s almost as if they can see all and know all. Sometimes they can be quite “dark” because they tend to focus on the false to get to the truth. These people can both detect and detest any superficiality. Authenticity is key.

They may come across as suspicious and potentially annoy other, more optimistic people with their cynical view on life.

Mercury in Scorpio: Speaking from the Heart

When Mercury sits in Scorpio, the result is an emotional communicator who may be known for their passion and depth for speech.

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As inspiring as they may be, they must be aware of their natural tendency towards lecturing others. When loved ones choose to not heed their advice, Mercury in Scorpio is prone to sermons. Lecturing and chastising them about why their way is the right way.

They are often open willing to let you in on a few of their secrets. Generally though, they will share about others, and rarely about themselves. This is because they have observed things that many have not, or ever will in their lifetime.

If you are put in this position, remember that they are just trying to provide you with helpful advice. Their keen awareness and ability to understand human nature has given way to vital observations.

If these observations seem a little bit skewed toward the negative, find the positive in it. You may learn that they’ve given you some of the most helpful advice, with true, genuine care behind it.

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Objective is Best

They shine when they are talking about things that they are not personally involved with. That is when their shrewd judgment comes through the most. When they are personally or emotionally involved, their judgment can get clouded over, leading to a lack of objectivity.

Those with this placement have an intuitive, instinctive intelligence. They thrive in scenarios where they can strategize freely. For them, constructive criticism can be interpreted as destructive criticism, depending on their audience.

It can be tough to win an argument or debate with Mercury in Scorpio. They are driven to succeed, not just for the sake of scoring intellectual points (who’s counting, anyway?), but to come out on top in general. Besides that, it is tough to deny that their thinking is quite lucid, at least in presentation.

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