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The Moon Sign is an essential aspect of your personality. Usually, a private, coveted piece of the self, the moon sign conveys what is known as our “shadow self”. This is different from the personality traits shown throughout sun sign, or our ascendant, which are raw, bold and “out there”.

The Moon placement explains why we do what we do. It represents how we feel, our impressionability, emotional responses, and our unconscious predestination. It also explains our relationship to our mother, as the moon sign takes on the Mother form (the yin) to the father (the sun/ yang).

These three signs make what is considered a “Personal Trifecta” of the self. The Moon also contains our basic habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing.

Having a moon sign sitting in an Air sign as conceptual, humanitarian and unique as Aquarius can lend itself to an interesting view of emotions. With a tendency towards objectivity, this moon placement may feel “different” or “separate” from everyone else.

Aquarius deals in the realm of thought, communication, ideas, and concepts – not naturally a place for the emotional side of things! A fixed air sign, when an Aquarius believes something, they are likely to stick to it, making it difficult to move them from their position – a sure sign of focus, endurance, and perseverance.

Being a sign that already exists outside the self, objectively looking at the world, is how you exist emotionally. Aquarius is the sign that is perhaps the least “emotional” of the Zodiac.

You may often be detached or inclined toward extreme rationality in your emotional responses.

The Concept and The Relationship

This sign views the world in relation to the social side of life in terms of how we interact with one another and how we see ourselves through the other. For this moon placement, bringing together the “concept” and the “relationship “ will be key to finding emotional balance.

Due to this, these natives are more likely to find comfort in words and ideas than the emotional, passionate aspects of life. Aquarius, as is the case with many air signs, finds joy in facts and concepts and may struggle to comprehend others who are more led by their hearts. While this does not mean they cannot feel, it indicates an inclination towards a need to seek objectivity and reason when it comes to any emotional terrain.

Objectivity and Growth

With the Moon in Aquarius, you are likely to have an innate need to establish space, boundaries, and equality in your own and other’s lives. Objectivity is your greatest asset.

Connecting with others based on your ability to rationally see outside of who people are pretending to be and who they really are is your greatest gift.

Aquarian Moons thrive in situations that bring people and conversations together.

A “lone wolf” mentality may enforce an “outsider” feeling, so connecting with a community and having a group of like-minded people is healthy for your emotional well-being.

Originality, eccentricity and an innovative, creative streak characterize you in your core.


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