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The Moon Sign is a crucial aspect of your personality. Usually, a unique, coveted piece of the self, the moon sign conveys what is known as our “shadow self.”

This is different from the personality traits shown throughout Sun Sign or our ascendant, which are raw, bold, and “out there.” The Moon placement explains why we do what we do. It represents our comfort level, our feelings, impressionability, emotional responses, and our unconscious predestination.

It also explains our relationship to our mother, as the moon sign takes on the Mother form (the yin) to the father (the sun/ yang). These three signs make what is considered a “Personal Trifecta” of the self.

The Moon also contains our basic, rudimentary, habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing.

If our Sun sign is what others see in us, in our souls, our Moon sign is what we feel within ourselves and how we emote.

Due to this, partnerships hold much weight for the Libra Moon native – you have a deep need to feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

While you don’t necessarily desire codependent relationships where you’re glued to a mate, having close friends, colleagues and family to give you a community and provide safety keep you thriving and grounded.

Venusian Influence

The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and grace.

Those with a Libra Moon may also have a keen eye for beauty and a unique aesthetic. This also lends itself to an artistic flair that seeks out symmetry, and mastery in negative space. The Moon rules both our home and our emotions. The Libra Moon home should be safe, clear of clutter and nurturing. Space where they can be themselves and give themselves the self-care they deserve.

Those with this placement need harmony and balance beyond the relationship and into every area of life. Libra holds the mantle of peacekeeper in the Zodiac, the most non-confrontational sign, and this can be true for you, almost to a fault. You may be guilty of going through great pain to ensure that things are kept balanced and harmonious at home and or at work.

Balance and Equity

Fairness is one of your guiding principles, and sometimes, when things get a little tough, you may take it as a sign of personal failure. It’s important to remember that it is not your fault when this happens. It’s also crucial to your growth to make sure that you don’t just go with the flow, or go against your own authentic needs and wants to make those around you happy. This is an ongoing struggle for this Moon placement as it needs and thrives off love and admiration from others. But what good is all that love when you’re not true to yourself.

To put this Moon placement to work and grow through it, it’s paramount that you find balance by focusing on yourself. By being honest with yourself about what you want in any relationship and go from there. Those in your life who genuinely love you and want you to be happy will respect you and your choices, even if they go against what they want to hear. If you choose to continue being that “yes” person, you’ll be saddled with a heavy, burdened soul that will never find fulfillment.

So keep the order, but not at the expense of your soul. Focus on showing others how to treat you by how you treat yourself. Also, practice the art of saying “no.” It sounds simple, but for the Libra Moon, it can be torture. It’s worth the effort, though. It will show you and others you can create healthy boundaries.


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