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This placement is also known as Moon Conjunct Descendant or Moon Setting.

When you have Moon opposite Ascendant in your chart, you tend towards higher intuition, understanding, sympathy, and generosity to those around you, especially if they are your loved ones or those in your inner circle. You may be seen as a sensitive and caring person to those closest to you.

There may be a heavy emphasis on emotions, which can be a little tricky to balance and can be draining when you attempt to connect with others.

Emotion and expression come quickly to them, but understanding and adequately expressing their needs and desires vs. not basing their needs on other people is vital. Those with this aspect could tend to have issues with insecurity and self-worth, so finding a way to express your own needs while balancing giving to others is paramount here.

Impacts of the Divine Mother

Those with Venus in Capricorn are ambitious and persevering and can be charming in social situations. These are very hard-working individuals that set their own pace in life and love.

Those with this placement tend to have a lot of love and support in their family. It indicates a native that may have had an upbringing where their family’s security needs have been fulfilled. When poorly aspected, or if the individual has grown up with a rocky relationship with their mother or a maternal figure, they may become overly dependent on others for emotional security and support. The relationship with the mother has a great deal of influence over the kinds of people that this individual forms intimate, profound relationships with.

The impacts of Moon Opposite Ascendant can extend into the relationship that they have with their spouse. If their mother was closed off, distant or not supportive of them, they might seek an older partner to mother them where their mother did not. On the other hand, If their maternal figure was supportive, they might look for partnerships with younger or more submissive families, where they can play the mother.

If they have healthy ties to their maternal figure, where they were made to feel safe, secure, and supported, this will extend into their closest relationships. Those with Ascendant Opposite Moon will be a loving, nurturing, and supportive partner – maybe to the point where you mother them.

Moon Opposite Ascendant: A deep need to be wanted

The feeling of needing to be wanted is immense here – and when others, outside the family, do not provide, it can difficult for this placement to see their self-worth – they may go inwards negatively.

Professionally, people with these placements work best with others, as it’s beneficial to your emotional well-being to be around others and have a community.

Here, there is a chance that the Ascendant could get weighed down by the overly emotional Moon. This aspect indicates someone can over-identify or over-emphasize with others. There is a potential that they could lose their identity in others or even be highly sensitive to the impression (assumed or otherwise) of others. On the other end of the spectrum, through experiences of hurt or abandonment, the Moon opposite Ascendant individual could be extremely cold, guarded and almost detached.

It’s vital that these individuals learn boundaries and how to balance out feelings and emotions. Interdependence can be a problem in close relationships, so the Ascendant opposite Moon individual must work to create an identity for themselves outside the relationship.

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