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Today’s new Moon in Leo at 26° connects with Mercury, shining a spotlight on our thinking and communication. Despite the creative, inspiring energy that Leo brings, we have to contend with some challenging aspects between Mars and Saturn.

Read on to learn how to safely weather the storm.

The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all resting in Leo, creating a flow between our souls, emotions, and communication. With this New Moon, you may be feeling braver, more enthused, and passionate about things. That energy is perfect for helping manifest the beauty that comes with a new moon. 

Be aware, the August 2020 new moon in Leo is closely tied to a tension-inspiring aspect between Mars and Saturn. This can inspire bouts of frustration, impatience, and stubbornness. Flexibility and open-mindedness are vital to emerging from this square unscathed. Taking an adaptable approach to things can help you unblock a problem and find significant personal transformation. 

Just like much else in life, astrological placements, for good or for worse, all come down to how you manage and make the most out of them. Let’s read on to learn how the New Moon in Leo 2020 will impact your life. 

What Does a New Moon Mean?

Each month, every year, features both a New and Full Moon. The New is always in the sign of the current transiting Sun sign. The Full Moon in the sign opposite to the transiting sun sign. For example, this Leo season featured a Full Moon in Aquarius and a New Moon in Leo. Next month, during Virgo season, we will experience a Pisces Full Moon and a Virgo New Moon. Each New and Full Moon comes with different energies, different aspects, and light up different areas of our charts. To make the most of each cycle, you must have a birth chart. Get yours here

Each new Moon symbolizes the end of one cycle and the start of another, new 28-day period. When a New Moon occurs, it’s called “Sun conjunct Moon.” It empowers us with a liveliness and a burst of energy and inspiration to take on new endeavors.

This is the best time to set projects and new undertakings in motion. I usually use the New Moon each month to set new goals, intentions, and hopes. I journal and write them out as I perform a new moon ritual, and then, six months later, when the full Moon in the same sign comes around, I revisit and check in on the things that I had begun.

It’s a beautiful way to see cycles, patterns and learn how to healthily look at old habits as you seek new and inventive ways to break free from what is no longer serving you.

What to Expect For The New Moon in Leo 2020

Beyond just Sun Conjunct Moon (when the Moon and the Sun are in the same sign of Leo), we are blessed with another harmonious aspect between the Moon and Mercury. Both in Leo, they will influence your mental processes. You can expect more mental alertness, agility, and adaptability, coupled with an insatiable curiosity. 

You may be considering short distance travel or ways to connect and engage with your neighborhood. Today and for the rest of the week, you may see an increase in how you interact with all things 3rd house-related, including family, siblings, schools, and your local community. 

They may be an uptick in appointments and social activity, but please do so carefully as we are still not out of the woods with COVID-19. It’s perfect energy for making new connections, sharing ideas, and even buying or selling things. 

Creative Energy and a Thirst for Movement

No matter where your sun sign is, a New Moon in Leo will inspire and provide the creative spirit in you. Take some of that energy you’re feeling and reinvest it into your passion projects and get ready to make some of your long-running dreams a reality. 

With all three Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Leo, you are perfectly poised to succeed at whatever you take on during this time.

Throw in the fact that Mars is in Aries, another fire sign, helping provide you with the motivation and ambition to start something new.

Now is the time to express, to feel, and to create. 

With a powerful Mars energy at the time of this New Moon, we have access to increased motivation and drive. Fire Signs provide us with the heart, passion, and fuel to accomplish what we want in our soul. Take the energy and run with it! 

Making the Most of the New Moon in Leo 2020

As I mentioned above, I use the New Moon and Full Moon cycles to help unblock my life and build new positive habits. If you’re looking to harness the New Moon’s creative, fiery power in Leo, but are not sure how to get started, here are some journaling prompts to get you started. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
  • Identify an area of your life that you’ve been looking to grow, nurture, or enliven. Is it about a project? Is it about your relationship to creativity? Are you looking for balance?
  • Once you’ve identified it – write your intention down. Keep it to one line, and start off by saying, “My intention is to ________.” Provide a time frame if you’d like.
  • Say your intention out loud. Manifest it!
  • Take some time on the actual day. The New Moon bestows electrifying energy that can be harnessed to make dreams come true. Tap into it.
  • As time goes by, check back each week and see how you’ve progressed. As the Moon changes throughout the month, you can time your journey with the waxing and waning,

When Leo Season comes around, the Sun is at home (or domicile) and, at its fullest power, been. When the Sun and Moon meet in a conjunct, it’s a gentle reminder that no matter how much the world shifts, the Sun, and its constancy will always help emerge from the darkness.  


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