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Pisces Moon natives are some of the most empathetic signs of the zodiac. They are most likely so intuitively tuned into others to the point of being a psychic sponge.

Understanding Our Moon Signs

The Moon Sign is a very important aspect of your personality. Usually a private, coveted piece of the self, the moon sign conveys what is known as our “shadow self”.

This is different from the personality traits shown throughout Sun sign, or our ascendant, which are raw, bold and “out there”. The Moon Sign placement explains why we do what we do. It represents how comfortable we are, how we feel, our impressionability, emotional responses, and our unconscious predestination.

It also explains our relationship to our mother, as the Moon sign takes on the form of the Mother (the Yin) to the Father (the Sun/ or Yang).

These three signs make what is considered a “Personal Trifecta” of the self. The Moon also contains our basic habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing.

Pisces Moon: Connected to Surrounding Energies

From a young age, these people may be unable to separate their feelings from others around them. Whether they are loved ones or those they see suffering around them, the Pisces Moon connects and understands their plight. On the other hand, many of these natives spend their lives feeling different and different from those around them. They are uniquely able to feel all but never feeling understood themselves.

Pisces Moon people have an intrinsic ability to read a room, quickly sensing its emotional temperature and reacting accordingly. Due to this ability to understand energies, they must learn to choose their company with delicacy. If they find their work atmosphere toxic or are out of sync with their colleagues, it can take a significant toll on their emotional well-being. They must find spaces they feel safe and comfortable to be vulnerable and to share their true selves. 

Empathy, for better or for worse. 

Pisces Moon natives tend to have empathy and compassion for anyone who reaches out and needs your help or support. 

They are natural empaths with a gift for connecting with others but would do well to maintain healthy emotional boundaries. Otherwise, they can quickly lose their way, taking in too much of another’s strife. Their instinctive understanding of the suffering of others, thanks to Neptune, makes them a devoted, intuitive helper. They aid others who are looking to make a change in their life.

These individuals can provide the love, space and support needed for their loved ones to make significant changes. These natives must be aware of total burnout. They must learn healthy ways to say no and set boundaries. Destressing and finding ways to release some of the burdens they are always carrying on their shoulders is vital.

With this moon, it’s common to feel a strong pull towards escapism or checking out emotionally. A positive way they can find space is through art, creative pursuits or other forms of expression. Beware of negative things such as intoxicants. They should find grounded, healthy relationships that will help them find an emotional balance.

Divine Inspiration: Pisces Moon

This is the sign of the dreamer. Many prolific artists and visionaries have been born with the moon in Pisces, and their unique gifts seem almost divinely inspired.

Famous people born with a Pisces Moon include Prince Audrey Hepburn, Martin Scorsese, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King Jr., and Edgar Allan Poe.

Those born under a Pisces moon may have an easier time than most to see the profound beauty in the simplest aspects of life and poetic, romantic significance in daily encounters and relationships. Every day is beautiful for a Pisces Moon when they are in the right mental and emotional space. For them, life is challenging when it is devoid of beauty and symbolic meaning. They would likely suffer most in bleak or restrictive circumstances.

Love and the selfless soul

These individuals show love through acts of kindness and giving others their time and attention. They can empathize and share their feelings and affections delicately and thoughtfully, always flowing with the energies around them. Ruled by Neptune, these individuals are, in fact, some of the most romantic of the entire Zodiac. When in a birth chart with other influences (such as an Aries Ascendant), a Pisces Moon can make even the most indifferent signs feel deeply. 

This feeling of romance and idealism is so strong due to the 12th House’s influence, which is the natural House of Pisces. It imbues them with the capacity for fantasy, deep compassion, and otherworldly desires cloak them and their partners in an intoxicating poetic opiate. 

Connected Yet Disconnected

This can create a special insular world, unique only to them and their loved one, where both part­ners feel safe and secure. The power of the Pisces Moon is that they can shield their loved ones from life’s petty realities, drawing them into a space full of whimsy and romance. When they love, they love profoundly and can give themselves to their partner in a way that defies an easy explanation. They are creative and original in their expression of love and are sensitive lovers who are quite selfless, giving and thoughtful when satisfying their partner’s needs. 

Pisces Moons maybe even more giving than they should be, as they tend to feel their partner’s needs even when they haven’t expressed them. This is a unique trait that makes Pisces Moons some of the most desirable partners of the Zodiac. But if their partner is selfish, the Piscean may find themselves giving to someone who takes but who doesn’t give back.

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