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The Sun / Moon combination of Pisces Virgo can be tough. An opposition represents the balancing of two separate, opposing energies. Often seen as a struggle in the natal chart, this aspect provides a natural conflict between what one wants (the Sun) and what they truly need (the Moon).

Indecision runs deep with a Sun and Moon opposition, leading to a “feeling pulled” in two directions sensation throughout their lives. Read more in our blog about oppositions.

This native cannot merely just “decide” on something, they tend to feel each individual choice may have their own merits, making it tough to make a solid choice on anything. You may be plagued with “what ifs” and worry that you choose the wrong option; in fact, your life may have always be marked with this feeling of confusion, leading to you constantly second-guessing yourself.

In the positive sense, you keep your options open, the hallmark of both the mutable signs you possess. 

The Pisces/Virgo axis in the zodiac is about learning to balance the mind, body, and soul to achieve happiness. Learning everything has its place, its function and use is the combined fusion of Pisces and Virgo. 

Lessons to Learn

Being a mutable water sign, Pisces tends to be emotionally giving without necessarily “thinking” – leading to what could be a letdown or hurt when it’s not reciprocated accordingly or taken advantage of. The failure of this sign is the ability to discriminate accordingly, even after being burnt over and over again.

This is where Virgo comes in. Virgo teaches Pisces to choose wisely. To recognize and help those who are suffering but to give smartly while still maintaining the self. Use better judgment, says Virgo, so that Pisces can decipher which help is genuinely needed.

The combination of the two can cut the traditional overly-giving edge of Pisces with a dash of Virgo judgment and street smarts. When expressed correctly, it can help provide a safe barrier for Pisces to be themselves while still maintaining their needs and taking care of themselves. 


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