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Your Sun sign is your soul. The position the Sun was in relative to the earth at the time you were born, your sun sign represents who you are at your core. Symbolically, the Sun represents life, vitality, force, and action, and as it is at the center of the universe, so it is at the center of your personality. 

While no one sign is better than the other, your sun sign makes up a larger piece of the pie and is the basis of who we are, who we feel we are and who we aspire to be.

Unlike the Ascendant, the Sun sign refers to the deepest part of us, which is more genuine but less accessible because it is mostly meant for those who know us best or those who we have an intimate relationship with.

Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold. – Zelda Fitzgerald

Those graced with Pisces as their Sun sign feels to no end. The epitome of empathy, the sign of Pisces is known for its sensitivity, artistic talent and ability to soak up the energies around them. Indeed, these natives are sensitive antennas, prone to receiving information that hovers around them through osmosis and empathy.

Two Fish, Swimming in the Depths

The Piscean mind is a sponge. This is both a good and a bad thing: feeling and understanding, yet oftentimes unable to build barriers against the more detrimental energies from others. This can lead to energy drain on the downside but on the positive side, they can also soak up the more positive energies and even the most introverted people can become enlivened when soaking up positive vibes from others around them.

Dedicated, loyal and expressive, Pisces Sun natives are not necessarily the most cut-throat, but when given the opportunity to express in the ways they desire, they can excel to such heights! Ruled by both Neptune and Jupiter, Pisces has a double influence. Jupiter bestows a sense of justice, understanding of social norms and a conscience, meaning they have a desire and a willingness to help others, where Neptune provides the trademark Piscean dreaminess, imagination, creativity and emotionality. The two together build a human that feels to no end and understands the story of the underdog unlike any other sign in the chart.

The Piscean Youth

In youth, Pisces Suns tend towards increased shyness and may find it difficult to communicate and express to others. This creates a bit of a divide, even with those their own age, leading to a feeling of being different or not always connecting, yet feeling so much at the same time.

These inhibitions may be brought into adulthood, as Pisces Sun natives have a more passive style to approaching life. The good news is, that oftentimes this shyness can work in their favour and as they become adults, they know how to harness it better. 

The 12th House 

Pisces is the ruler of the 12th house in the zodiac. The 12th house represents the gate to the human subconscious and unconscious, both the personal and the collective. As the 12th sign, Pisces takes on a little from each of the other zodiac signs, giving them the ability to easily connect with the deeper layers of humanity and the human mind. As the gateway to the unconscious, the 12th house also brings together the current life with the past life. It’s all things unseen but felt. Connecting with their past lives is something that can provide a sense of understanding of self and purpose for Pisces and they are encouraged to delve deeper into such matters when given the opportunity. 

The 12th house also represents those secluded, separate places – the inner recesses, the parts of our bodies and souls that others may never see. With this influence, some Pisceans may feel that they are trapped in their own self, their own minds, unable to connect or express in the ways that they need to thrive. When poorly accented, this influence on the Pisces Sun native can also lead to strong feelings of escapism.   

The Piscean Self 

One thing is for certain: Pisces Sun signs are very dependent on their home environments and spaces where they can be both comfortable to imagine, explore and just be themselves. The Piscean superpower is in their incredible and ceaseless imagination and ability to connect with others and empathize with them and their situations. Indeed, many artistic and imaginative people throughout history have Pisces as their Sun sign. 

As a mutable water sign, the Pisces individual is not only adaptable and changeable but also quite open-minded and capable of understanding people from all backgrounds and walks of life. Capable of enormous understanding, and equally capable of such deep suffering, the Piscean soul is accurately depicted as two fish, moving with the tide, connected but different. 

Truly, this could lend itself to a perception of the Pisces native as being flakey or spacey, but living in a dream world with the heaviness of the world, as many do, isn’t easy! Pisces have been charged with a higher purpose and they may live under the feeling of being misunderstood. The goal of this sign is to work to transcend the glamorization of suffering and not live in the feelings of self-pitying.

Tapping into their natural gifts of insight, empathy, and creativity will help them not retreat within themselves, and help them connect and grow. Understanding their boundaries and harnessing their incredible intuition (and actually listening to it) will lead to much success for these Neptunian souls.  


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