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September 2020 comes with its own challenges, as six planets are in retrograde for four days. Beginning on September 9th, until 13th: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, all are retrograde. Jupiter will be the first to station direct. It leaves the other five planets retrograde until Saturn turns direct on September 29th. Learn more about September’s astrology here.

This is rare. According to Astrology King, having five planets moving retrograde only happens 4% of the time. Even more rarely, six planets in retrograde only occur only 0.7% of the time. We featured Uranus’ current retrograde in one of our last posts. 

Retrogrades come with their own baggage. With this many retrograde at once, the world may seem to move slower. Things take more time, and you may feel out of sorts. Depending on what areas of your chart are impacted, you can welcome different people, energies and opportunities. It may feel like a whirlwind, and it may lessen your inhibitions. There will be less uncertainty, but at the same time, you may feel an inner imbalance. You may feel isolated, different or on another planet. As time slows, it’s a perfect time to reflect and assess. 

Despite the uncertainty that comes, keeping an open mind and working with the erratic energies can help you flow through it with ease. These retrogrades will help you build a necessary foundation for not only yourself but the whole world.

Beyond what is happening internally, we may experience larger canyons between us and others. Understanding each other is tougher. In a time when it seems like we need each other the most, we will feel divided. Keep compassionate and know that this will not last forever and that in the fa With so much retrograde energy happening with the more massive, outer planets, shifts are happening on a larger scale. We see this in our political and social movements – the world is moving to change, and we are witnessing. 

Understanding Retrogrades 

As an astrologer, whenever I mention the word “retrograde” to someone, I watch the panic consume them. I always have to remind them that while they can be heavy, and these five in retrograde motion are heavy, it’s important to understand retrogrades’ possibilities and potential. 

Usually, people only know of one type of retrograde: Mercury. While the most common due to frequency (going retrograde nearly three times each year) of it dropping into retrograde motion, it is not the only planet that does this. Every world goes retrograde. A retrograde is just a planet appearing to “slow” down, which causes it to reverse the degrees it had recently transited over. 

A Chance to Know Yourself Better

Retrogrades inspire us to go inwards. Reflection, revision and replenishment come with these cycles, and we all get a break. I like to think of it as a vacation, a chance to breathe and regroup before setting out into the world again when things move direct. 

Retrogrades are uncomfortable, and that’s why people fear them. They know they can’t control the chaos that the universe can bring. But, as with everything, mindset matters. If you believe that there are only going to be negative repercussions of a retrograde, then definitely, something will go wrong. Staying open-minded and aware of this cosmic movement’s benefits can bring you more profound clarity and a different perspective.  

There is, in fact, good that comes with a retrograde. They inspire change, growth, expansion and productivity. They can reveal parts of ourselves that lay dormant. I believe in the power of tension-forming aspects in a chart, and when a transit is occurring that creates that tension, you are forced to face things and change.  

Destruction and Chaos are Necessary for Change

Throughout September, remember that while challenging, transformation is necessary. Necessary for you, personally, and the world we live in. To build a solid foundation, we must destroy the shaky ones that currently exist. Change and revolutions come with destruction and disorder. Endings are necessary for a rebirth to happen. 

Through these feelings of destruction and unease, remember that you are protected and cared for by the universe. The astrology for the past year has not been kind, and the next few months can come with its own challenges. Remember that you are on your path to understanding yourself and your place in the universe better despite the heavy alignments. 

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