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When one has their Ascendant in Gemini, their Descendant naturally lies in the opposite sign, Sagittarius.

The 1st House, ruled by the Ascendant, is focused on the self, and the manifestation of our identity in the material, physical world. The 7th House, where the Descendant resides, then, is about the opposite: others, and us in relation to them. It reflects back to us our deeper, sometimes hidden and unknown desires and can indicate what type of person we may find attractive or attract into our lives. 

With the mutable, free-spirited Sagittarius sign on the cusp of your 7th House, you will be most interested in connecting with those you perceive as open, expansive and freedom-loving. You may be attracted to those interested in the journey of life, rather than just reaching the destination.

With Sagittarius in your 7th House, you might be deeply attracted to love relationships with a partner who has a background quite different from your own, either culturally or with lifestyle beliefs. These differences can stimulate and inspire you. 

The 7th House shows us what we are reflecting or projecting on to our partner.

When Sagittarius sits in your 7th House, you project the “wanderer or philosopher” type onto your relationship. In pure philosophical Sagittarian form, this person is content to spend their life asking the big questions and (sometimes) getting out of their heads and seeking the answers.

With Gemini on the Ascendant, you may lack a deep need to find answers to life’s big questions. It’s not that the concept of “truth” is not important to you, you just choose to spend your precious time on other endeavours, and may take things more at face value.  

When you possess Sagittarius in the 7th House, you will likely welcome a romantic partner into your life who is quite opinionated and tied to his or her beliefs.


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