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September 2020 astrology begins with a bang, opening up with an impactful Full Moon in Pisces. Pisces, sitting opposite to Virgo, is the ruler of the 12th house of the subconscious.

The sign represents limitlessness, but this Full Moon asks us to set the boundaries we need. With the help of Uranus, this cosmic movement creates waves and flashes of brilliance. Read on to learn more about what else you can expect from September 2020 Astrology. Learn more about the retrograde action that is coming your way here.

It feels as if we are descending deeper into the shifts and revolutions that we need to make to help move us and our planet into a new level of consciousness.   

September 9th: Mars Retrograde

Pushy, pioneering Mars falls back into a retrograde (we know, we know) and gives us space to reconsider our goals and how we expend our energy. We encourage you to start wrapping up projects in anticipation of this planet’s movement – read more here. When Mars’ energy turns inwards, we may feel pressurized and antsy. We can tend towards passive-aggressiveness and can start conflicts rather than approaching things head-on. 

While intense, it is the perfect time to learn more about what we want and how we can get it. Take time to find new ways to achieve the things you wish to, so when Mars moves direct, you’ll be ready to take on the world. 

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September 9th: Sun Trine Jupiter

As Jupiter is heading direct, we receive this beautiful Trine between Jupiter and the Sun. This aspect comes on the same day as Mars goes Retrograde. This aspect will help lighten the impact of Mars’ movement.

Sun Trine Jupiter is amicable energy, and it suggests that we are empowered with all the strength, determination and courage that we need to have the life that we crave and deserve. Sun Trine Jupiter brings feelings of abundance and a reminder that the universe is always here to provide if we are open to it. Before we enter into some more nervous energy in the next few months, we must take this gift and attune ourselves to this positive energy and remember the good we have. 

September 11th: Sun Opposite Neptune

Pisces-ruled Neptune moves to it’s own beat. It’s known for it’s rulership of the 12th house of the “unseen”. In some cases, people have connected Neptune to viruses, meaning that some Astrologers are connecting this transit with potential pandemic news. 

Neptune can also boggle information and create a sense of “rose-coloured glasses,” making us feel uncertain of information that we are receiving. While a wonderful planet for imagination, creativity and expanding our consciousness, Neptune is not one that deals in reality. Take this time to step back and avoid big decisions until you have a clear path forward. 

September 13th: Jupiter Direct

Before Mars makes his move backwards, we’ll see Jupiter move direct after sitting retrograde with five other larger planets. Jupiter turning direct is a positive movement for attitudes, projects, relationships.

Things seem happier, lighter, and we have renewed confidence in ourselves and the universe at large. We’re emerging from the lull ready to share our excitement, joy and lessons learned with those around us (just do so safely, with masks on!) 

Jupiter is the first planet of five to move direct on the 13th. From September 9th to the 13th, we may feel tense energy enveloping the world, but we end the month with a new moon in Virgo that helps inspire fresh starts and perspectives. 

September 17th: Virgo New Moon

The Virgo New Moon presents us with opportunities to streamline our lives through the joys of editing, organizing, and clarifying work. The moon phase encourages better health and an increased desire to find routines. Stay tuned for our post on the New Moon in Virgo later this month. 

September 22: Hello Libra Season + The Equinox 

September 22nd brings both the start of Libra season and the Equinox. The move into airy Libra urges us to move from ourselves to a focus on others. As the ruler of the 7th house of relationships, we have a keen awareness of how our actions impact others and the world. Find balance during Libra season; diplomacy is welcomed, but remember that it should not be at the expense of your own needs.  

This day is extra potent with the power of the Equinox. The veil between worlds and dimensions is thin today, and we can use this power to tap into intuitive work and to connect with our loved ones who have passed on and our ancestors.  

September 28th: Saturn Direct

The New Moon and the start of Libra Season, Saturn follows it’s sibling planet in going direct on September 29th. Saturn has been retrograde since May, and as it moves forward, it’ll cover its last ground in Capricorn before shifting signs into Aquarius in December. We’ll be updating you on this movement in the future. 

In the last degrees of Capricorn, Saturn reminds us to turn our focus to our responsibilities. Saturn is austere and rigid, and when he turns direct, he asks us to bring our goals down to earth. We feel burdened and limited, but more capable. Over time, we see our goals take shape. In a grander sense, Saturn in Capricorn will shake up situations involving authority figures and governments, bringing the change we felt early on in the pandemic back into focus. 

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Destruction and Chaos are Necessary for Change

Throughout September 2020 Astrology, remember that while challenging, transformation is necessary. Necessary for you, personally, and the world we live in. To build a solid foundation, we must destroy the shaky ones that currently exist. Change and revolutions come with destruction and disorder. Endings are necessary for a rebirth to happen. 

Through these feelings of destruction and unease, remember that you are protected and cared for by the universe. The astrology for the past year has not been kind, and the next few months can come with its own challenges. Remember that you are on your path to understanding yourself and your place in the universe better despite the heavy alignments. 


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