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The word most associated with those born with Sun in Aquarius are unique. Unlikely to go about things in the same manner as everyone else, Aquarians are known for taking tradition and status quo as a “nice-to-have.”

Many of the Aquarians that you meet will take pride in freeing themselves of personal and social conditioning. Expectations be damned, these are individuals who seek authenticity and freedom of self. You’ll likely get along with an Aquarius if you’re “quirky” or different; think outside the box? You’ll be best friends forever.

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Aquarians are known as “people’s people,” and will have lots of friends throughout their lives. Connection and sharing ideas help these natives thrive, their love of people and community is universal and unbiased.

Sun in Aquarius: An Eccentric Sense of Progress and Growth

Advancement and progress are always on their minds and there is irreverence to outmoded or antiquated ways of thinking or doing things. Yet, with all of these feelings of freedom, Aquarius is still a fixed sign: meaning that they are some of the most stubborn people that you’ll find. While idealistic, many are stubborn; it’s their way or the highway. Their laissez-faire attitudes can give way to a shocking fixed nature.

On first appearance, Aquarians may come off as aloof. They can be standoffish, but they are generally well-liked and quite sociable. Their detached nature helps them keep objective about things, a characteristic that is both a positive and a negative.

Tolerance and Open-Mindedness

Thanks to their open-minded nature and ability to question the status quo, they are one of the most open-minded and tolerant signs in the zodiac. In fact, when faced with prejudice and bias, an Aquarian will balk. Never forget to give an Aquarius room to breathe and be themselves; they won’t be very happy when they feel that they are editing what they say.

As an air sign, Aquarius thinks with their head, weighing everything they feel out against a greater understanding of the world and using their clever intellect to problem solve through the toughest times.

Thanks to their ability to communicate, air signs generally have no problem sharing and expressing themselves logically – it’s the emotion that they tend to have issues with. This placement indicates a unique, innovative soul. When it comes to Aquarians, it’s best to expect the unexpected.

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