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Something simmering under the surface for those born with the Sun in Scorpio can come across as intimidating to most. Their intensity is palpable, and you innately know that they are taking in everything around them and revealing very little. Their intuitive awareness is a big part of their personality and helps them navigate the world around them. The Scorpio Sun can swim into the depths and bring out the most in others like no other sign. It is their superpower. 

It’s wise not to expect an instant connection with these natives, since depending on other aspects of their charts, they may need to size you up and see if you have the right “stuff” to be brought into their lives. It takes time to win the trust of the wary Scorpio sun, but when you finally earn it, it is very much worth it. 

These individuals possess a calm, cool and controlled outer mask. But don’t be fooled. Pluto’s influence on these individuals makes for a rich, vast and often turbulent psychic inner world that few are party to. They use this power to frame and understand the world around them.  

Sun in Scorpio: More Than Just Emotion

In a word, the Scorpio Sun is intense. It is powerful and works best in a world of pressure and severe challenges that test them and their worth. When lacking a sense of purpose, the Scorpio Sun can take on a darker set of emotions. Their emotional intensity can be so much that it can take hold and lead them down the path of jealousy, obsession and worse.

Those with this placement are naturally magnetic and can be quite aware of the sexual energy around you. These natives have the gift of timing and can drastically alter their surroundings if they so choose. The challenge is not to overexert their power and influence to create resentment and strife with those they love or respect. 

These natives are driven and can move mountains with their passion. They’re formidable competitors and exceptional judges of human character and motives. This is thanks to their built-in detector and depth of perception. Like their scorpion counterpart, they can remain calm until the exact moment when a targeted sting can do the most damage. This alone has earned them their negative reputation. It is also why in relationships, from platonic and familial to romantic, they can be a formidable enemy if they feel they have been betrayed. The more mature Scorpio Sun will know their power here. They can learn to refrain from using this against others, no matter how much they want to win.

Sun in Scorpio: The Razor’s Edge Path

From a young age, these natives are likely to have many extracurricular activities that help them explore the worlds around them and give them opportunities to observe and investigate the human psyche. The Plutonian influence here tests these individuals to extremes. Many astrologers say that this is the powerful and most challenging sun sign of all. Known as the “razor-edged path,” the Scorpio is given a journey that is only taken by those given the strength and power to do so. This puts the Scorpio Sun individual in the best position to take on the rigours of life. They often plunge into the psychological territory that others fear to tread and emerge both wiser, healthier, and transformed. 

One could say that Solar Scorpios are the Zodiac’s deep-sea divers. Solar Scorpios can experience every moment, every situation on many levels, the majority of them being in the realm of the unconscious. They are driven to investigate every nook and cranny of life. Many are drawn to the occult and other worlds since so much of their nature lies hidden beneath the surface. This character trait also lends itself to a desire to understand the psychological nature of those around them. 

The Cycle of Rebirth and Death

Just like any pluto-heavy placement, Scorpio Sun must learn and evolve through death and rebirth. While Pisces, the 12th sign, is considered the endpoint of the Zodiac, in the cycle of life, Scorpio represents the endpoint of life. It represents the natural cycle of life and death that every individual is subject to. Scorpio represents the hidden sides of us, the shadows, our projections, our wounded egos when we seek revenge, death, rebirth, regeneration, conception, birth, and pretty much anything with blood attached to it. 

As a sign, Scorpio represents where each of us surrenders to the inevitable–that we are mortal and yet still eternal. These Sun signs, more than any other Zodiac sign, can rise from the ashes, reinvent themselves on higher spiritual grounds, and reclaim their power. There is rarely a time that this placement stays down and out.

They can endure and grow from past mistakes and failures with admirable ease. Even when you don’t see a Scorpio’s passionate side, they are smouldering underneath. Sometimes they may even hide their attraction to another person as they are afraid to show vulnerability.

Generally, it helps to have the Scorpio Sun or Moon on the cusps of Sagittarius or Libra or to have planets, such as Mercury in Libra, to bring the ability to detach from emotions. This will help them remain objective through life’s hurdles. 

Plutonian Influence

The motivation of these individuals may be hard to pin down. While other signs motivations are clear: Sagittarius’s desire to learn and explore, or the prestige that Capricorn seeks and the authority and celebrity sought by Leo. Scorpio’s motivations can lay hidden and unsuspected. Still, they seek real power, in whatever form that takes in their lives. 

Ruled by Pluto, their power can absolutely be of the “behind the scenes” flavour. Instead of seeking to be front and centre, they are happy just being the puppetmaster. 

With this placement, these individuals have the gift of timing and have the ability to drastically alter their surroundings, if they so choose. The challenge is not to overly exert power and influence to create resentment and strife with those around them. 

Outwardly, these intense individuals seem to have strong will powers and senses of self. And while they may, it’s more truthful to say that Scorpios simply know what they want and can have the capacity and timing to get it when they need it. They have the skills to strategize and plan. Blessed with impeccable timing, they know when to act and when to sit back, watch. 

Thanks to the fixed modality, Scorpios simply don’t know what it means to give up or abandon endeavours. Their tremendous staying power is inspirational, and their intensity allows them to deep dive into anything they desire. 

They’re rarely threatened by anybody or anything. Confrontations are not a problem. In fact, talk to any Scorpio about their lives, and you’ll probably be in awe at all they’ve gone through. Trauma seems to follow them wherever they go. When Scorpio learns optimism, instead of expecting the worst, they’ll find that they possess extraordinary regenerative powers to heal, create, and transform.

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