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Taurus Ascendant

Stubborn and willful, those born with their Ascendant in Taurus, are enduring, persistent and calm.
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Also known as your Rising Sign, this represents the spot where the sun sat on the horizon at the time of your birth. Many astrologers consider this to be the “awakening consciousness” of the soul and truly representative of how we present ourselves to the world. This is a powerful aspect of your personality that influences people’s first impressions of you, how you interact socially and how you view and relate to others.

When you meet a person for the first time, you are judging them on their social mask, or their Ascendant. The more you get to know them, the deeper you go, the more you see their Sun sign and ultimately their Moon sign behaviours.

The Ascendant is more physical and instinctive than the sun and the Ascendant is known to refer to the appearance and “to seem”, whereas the Sun stands for what is hidden and “to be”. 

“I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong” – Audrey Hepburn

Stubborn and willful, those born with their Ascendant in Taurus, are enduring, persistent and calm. Known to be some of the hardest workers of the Zodiac, these natives can endure many things and are willing to plod away at the most arduous tasks if they know success is going to be theirs. They tend to be well-liked, and due to their pleasant and affectionate countenances, many people will seek ways to spend time with them.

The Taurian Personality

The Earth Sign Taurus brings material wealth and security. As a sign, Taurus can be very ambitious and likes the finest things in life, but will do the work necessary to achieve the things they want. Concerned about their money, wanting to own properties and build a beautiful home for themselves, these Venus-ruled individuals are not that interested in anything that they don’t deem as “beautiful.”

Taurus Ascendants are rarely unhappy and very expressive – in love, laughter and sadness. Depending on other aspects of the chart, they may have a calm and serenity that brings people to them. They like to hear people apologizing and know how to forgive, yet they aren’t likely to accept the same mistake to be done twice, no matter how patient they may be.

Their stubbornness is famous, and in truth, you will never see them engage in something they have not chosen to do. Push these natives to do something they don’t want to, and you’ll meet stiff resistance. Push even harder, and you will get the more explosive, angry Taurus that rarely makes an appearance. Try not to let it get that far though – understanding that a Taurus placement needs to be autonomous and has strict boundaries is the key to working with them.

These natives are hard workers who will most likely make a large amount of money. They are known for being slow and relentless, planning and approaching a methodical strategy when wanting to get their goals.

While this is all very true for any Taurus placement, the opposite is as well: Tauruses can become lazy or stuck in their ways, unable to change no matter how much they need to. This stubbornness leads them to do things that are no longer of value or don’t have any meaning anymore to them or those they love. They have excellent business acumen and could even make great artists if they practice their Venusian side by appreciating art more. Taurus Rising enjoys being free from micro-management when working, choosing to do and work as they please. They can charm anyone with their strength and calm; they will attract people without making a great effort.

Taurus Ascendant Relationships

Thanks in part to their Venusian influence, Taurus Risings are passionate and intense lovers. While they may have many demands from their lover, their partner will still be aware that they give much meaning to the relationship and are sincere – they will never take without giving, aiming for reciprocity in every relationship.

The desire to surround themselves with beautiful things gives them a reputation for being materialistic, yet they enjoy life better than most. Their ability to appreciate all the best things in life helps them bring joy to every part of their life, especially when it comes to their love connections.

However, true to their Taurus sign, they may have a jealous and possessive streak that may show now and again. Essential learning for Taurus Risings is to learn to let go. Working on issues around possession and idealism is necessary for healthier relationships. To understand the depth of your subconscious, consider looking into your opposite sign, Scorpio, for understanding how you attract and maintain relationships. When influenced by a Scorpio Descendant, the opposite of a Taurus Ascendant, these natives have an unmistakable emotional intensity.

Famous Taurus Ascendants

Martin Luther King (AS: 13°49′ Taurus)
Mylie Cyrus (AS: 29°20′ Taurus)
Mariah Carey (AS: 15°20′ Taurus)
Robert Pattinson (AS: 14°11′ Taurus)
Nikola Tesla (AS: 2°59′ Taurus)
Halle Berry (AS: 20°05′ Taurus)
David Beckham (AS: 27°27′ Taurus)
Snoop Dogg (AS: 0°46′ Taurus)
Cate Blanchette (AS 15°34′ Taurus)
Gigi Hadid (AS: 5°52′ Taurus)
Serena Williams (AS 3°10′ Taurus)


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