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House Aspects

Sun in the Third House

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The sun residing in the house of communication, learning, mental process, and speech, as well as existential topics such as short-distance travel, one’s immediate environment and neighbourhood and also siblings, the native, composes their self-identity in these areas of life.

The Gift of Gab

Here, the sun lights up the native’s communicative and intellectual abilities. They identify strongly with what and who they know. Their mind is rather active, and their ability to accumulate information and retain a core component on how they construct their sense of self.

They possess great communicative abilities and they have the capacity to draw attention when speaking their mind – the spotlight is on them when they speak, and that’s exactly what they desire.

There can sometimes be a habit of talking about oneself and their own experiences and perhaps may enjoy indulging in expressing what they know. One must be wary of not coming across as a ’ know it all’.

Information Sponges

These people have a strong urge to learn and consistently accumulate new information while recycling what is already known. Books, magazines, blogs, even ‘how-to’ tutorials may be a great way for these people to boost their sense of self-confidence. Their self-esteem will be enhanced the more they know about topics of interest and also just general gossip of people they know and local events.

Speaking of confidence, people with a well-aspected third house sun can become great public speakers, orators, bloggers, teachers, news and radio anchors.


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