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Uranus, the planet known for its unexpected changes, rebelliousness, and erratic behaviour, is about to go direct! Uranus Direct 2021 arrives at just the right moment, as our world changes and shifts to a new form of thinking.  

Taking nearly seven years to transit, it spends a lot of time in one sign. Each cycle’s prolonged period ensures that you work through the lessons that the ‘Great Awakener” is throwing your way. Uranus has been retrograde as of August 15th, and on January 14th, 2021, it goes direct. In 2019, Uranus shifted from seven years of fiery, courageous Aries to practical, steadfast Taurus. We still have a long way to go with this transit. 

Let’s go through what the Retrograde brought and what Uranus Direct 2021 means for you and the world at large.

Uranus Direct 2021: Widespread Change

Eccentric and volatile Uranus forced us into an uneasy calm when it went retrograde last August. It kept us from making the significant changes we desired or felt bubbling under the surface. During this Uranus retrograde, the energy of change was directed towards our inner, psychological world, rousing us to the modifications we must make in our way of thinking if we are expected to flow with the energies of change and with the upheaval happening on the material plane. 

But now, as Uranus marches forward, all the things that we have been suppressing and holding back will come to the fore. We are prepared to change, we have put in the time, and we can flow with whatever comes our way in the next few months. 

A World in Need of Change

As the Great Awakener goes direct, expect change. Yes, more change. It will bring rebellion, redefinition, and revolution in its wake. In this cycle, we can expect eruptions and explosions – on a collective and personal scale. Great news, right? Just in time for the US inauguration of the 46th President. 

While in Retrograde, the usual volatile and shocking effects of Uranus were muted. While it may not seem like it, we were in a period of relative calm; yet, with the planet moving direct this week, we may experience sparks of both innovative and trying ideas and events. In the sign of the material world and finances, Uranus in Taurus can inspire revolutionary ways of perceiving and managing money ($BTC, anyone?), both personally and globally.

Uranus in Taurus’ goal this cycle reminds us that our earth cannot function as a sustainable resource if we mistreat it. It also reveals that industry cannot work if we harm and underrepresent those who comprise our labour forces. 

Throughout this Uranus direct, we are sure to experience more deep industry upsets. It could also be an uncertain time for our financial markets, despite the growth they have been experiencing. As long as we continue to do the things that we have always done, we can expect a continual expansion of the wealth gap. 

Rebellion, Redefinition, Revolution

Unless we can use the past year’s lessons and the last Uranus Retrograde to push us forward, we will be stuck in the same mode of being. 

If we choose to change and learn from the last six months’ lessons, we can change how we participate and actively revise the existing toxic structures. Uranus can aid us in the creation of better, innovative systems. As long as we are open to it, the change will come. 

These shifts are all integral to the transformational period in which we live. And while it’s uncertain and confusing at times, we are long overdue for a change of this magnitude. Through it, we can potentially redirect humanity toward a better tomorrow. Buckle up! The next little while may throw some (more) curveballs our way. 


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