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Venus is the planet of love, beauty, relationships, and finances. It impacts the way that we love, care, and feel about partnerships. Venus sheds light on how we as individuals act on our needs and deepest desires. It demands us to ask ourselves what role money and people hold and how we interact with them. Understanding where Venus sits in a chart can give insight into which factors influence you, your finances, and your relationships with others.

When placed in Venus, the sign of Cancer connects profoundly, loves deeply, and flows easily. Individuals with Venus in Cancer thrive in love and bonding. Venus feels contented in Cancer, eager to spread her affection and grace wherever she goes. She motivates us to seek out a self-understanding through a secure relationship. They are naturally connected to home and family. 

The Depth of A Mother’s Love

The manifestations of love of people with Venus in Cancer are connected with the need to give and receive satisfaction and security. If these people were not sure of their mother’s love, they might cling to their partners.

If they are confident enough of their mother’s love, they can show balanced love. These people subconsciously overthink accepting love and forget about the quality and the amount of love they give.

Venus is in Cancer

Venus represents affection and beauty, and Cancer is the most nurturing and sensitive zodiac sign. Coming together, Venus and Cancer create the potential for greater intimacy and growing our romantic relationships. 

Here, our perfect moments are connecting over staying at home, bonding, cuddling, and sharing our deepest, most raw feelings. 

When Venus transits Cancer, you may find closeness and bonding that was missing at this time, truly following a Gemini Venus transit, this can be very encouraging.  

Cancer pushes us to care and nourish those around us. Sometimes this can definitely come across as mothering or even smothering. Those with this placement must be aware of their need to be the only one in a loved one’s life. If they do not reciprocate, Venus in Cancer can turn crabby, become closed off and out of pure defensiveness, cut their loved ones out of their life without even a goodbye.

Sure, being there for someone is rewarding, but you can’t make people love you because you want to be loved, nor can you force love. Love is unconditional, and Venus in Cancer, as with any Cancer placement, must learn this. 

The Home and Hearth

It is well known that those with this Venus placement experience such a deep, close attachment to the home, family, and safety. As the ruler of the 4th House, Cancer’s dominion is all things roots, nostalgia, and the things that connect us to the past. 

Cancer is the snuggie-wearing, self-care loving, homebody of the Zodiac. They delight in relaxed nights in vs. wild party nights out. Bringing Venus and Cancer together heightens your connection with the home.

Security, safety, and reflection come from having a stable home, and those with this placement enjoy nesting. A house that gives you protection, security, and a place to regenerate is essential to you and your relationships.  

Hot Tip: those with Venus in Cancer should spend time figuring out what makes them feel “at home” or safe. Cultivating a beautiful space that helps them collect themselves is vital to their growth. 

A key to this individual’s growth: loving yourself is the first step in being able to love others. Giving yourself the love you need will help you be available to others. 

Soul-Merging, Watery Love

Venus in Cancer is serious about love. Casual relationships need not apply here: they are looking for that deep, soul-merging love.

Unless there are other aspects or planets at play, this individual will want a long-term partner to build a life with. It’s not enough to just be with someone, Venus in Cancer must have an emotional involvement in their love relationships. To find longevity in love, they should seek out relationships where they can have a deep, soul connection with the other person.

There is an inherent paradox that comes with Cancer. As a sign, they desire closeness and bonding with another person but are cautious in emotion and the heart. 

Deep Waters Run Still

Cancer Venus becomes deeply hurt when wounded and may dwell on these pains for much longer than they should. Their natural self-protection makes them withdraw, go inwards and hide when hurt. The upside to this vulnerability level is that their heart will be open for love, allowing them to love wholly and fully. 

Others may believe that you have a hard and tough shell when they first meet them; they need to protect that soft sensitivity under the surface.  

Learning to be less defensive and accept their sensitivity instead of viewing it as a weakness, can help you bring the love that you need into your life.  

Gut Intuition

This placement bestows the individual with a highly-tuned intuition. They can exactly know what their loved ones need, without them having to utter a single word. 

This placement is powerful and can prove to be some of the best romantic partners in the Zodiac. 


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