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When Venus meets Taurus, it is at home. This is the best position for Venus, inspiring energy and a more substantial influence than any other sign. This Venus placement has a significant impact on money matters and profit. It means a positive relationship between work and money, and an ability to profit from one’s work, no matter the occupation. It can be likened to a self-possessed woman, owns and manages her own home, and has the ability and means to decorate it to her beauty and taste standards. Venus, known as the goddess of beauty, finds joy in this sign, meaning those with this placement can make the most out of Venus’ natural endowments.

Taurus, which rules the 2nd House of material goods, unites beautifully with Venus. Thanks to their natural flowing energy, there exists an essential and pure affinity between the two that helps the native attract fortune and success in life, especially when contending in the arenas of love and security.

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These natives are warm, loving and affectionate souls that make arduous and sensual partners. Yet, they may be guilty of a natural Taurean possessiveness that could cause mishaps in their relationships. These natives must be aware that their loved ones are not the same as their other loved material possessions and have autonomy.

As with any Taurus placement, stubbornness, and an inability to move on subjects or thoughts, they have accepted as truths are present. They also have a high need for affection, and acts of service can be a distinct way that this sign shows that they care.

House and Hearth and the Lap of Luxury

Material possessions take up high importance to any Taurus placement as they provide the native with a sense of security and stability. But to achieve these material goods and the luxury they desire, Taurus knows that there is a great amount of hard work to be done. The good thing is that they are always willing to roll their sleeves up and get to work. When in Venus, Taurus works hard to provide the native with a beautiful home filled with art and a table that is always overflowing with the best food.

Often, individuals with this placement may be inclined to marry for money as it may be easier to find love and affection when all their environmental needs have been taken care of.

Venus: Goddess of Beauty and the Finer Things in Life

The Venusian influence on this sign gives an instinct for creativity, art and the finer things of life. These individuals enjoy good food and companionship and may be drawn to other hedonistic pleasures throughout their lives. They thrive when adorned with love and surrounded by beauty. Venus in Taurus people may be connoisseurs or experts and will hard to cultivate their own gardens because they know what slow, steady and patient work can yield. Their life’s goal is to enjoy the best of everything there is and to feel comfortable in their right to do so.

Both Venus and Taurus are associated with abundance, natural beauty and art. Those people with this well-aspected in the chart may arduously strive for success and material security. They may seek out personal development and fulfillment by engaging in their creative side, finding joy in building, making or contributing something to the world.

Creativity and an expression of art can be relaxing, healing and essential for Venus in Taurus natives. As Taurus rules the throat, these people may also be gifted in singing or expressing themselves through an oral capacity – motivating others, expression through poetry or even speeches.

Venus in Taurus natives have a natural generosity when it comes to material possessions, and they revel in being able to give comfort to others. This can take the form of spreading their natural Venusian cheer or simply being sympathetic and encouraging and spreading their wealth.


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