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When Venus is opposite an individual’s Midheaven, it indicates a childhood in a loving and peaceful home. Venus Opposition MC may have been born into an affectionate and harmonious family. As they grow, they cultivate strong relationships with their parents and caregivers.

Thanks to this close connection with the home, those with this aspect should have a healthy sense of self and security to go and take on the world with.

A Stable Start

This native’s parents would have been providers, dependable, and possibly wealthy. This gives the native space to grow into themselves without fear of instability.

No matter their socio-economic status, these individuals most likely grew up in pleasant and calming surroundings. If they live away from home, they most likely enjoy going back home when they can.

Venus Opposition MC indicates a well-developed love of nature, and enjoy fostering close relationships with friends and loved ones. These natives have a belief in the abundance that the world and nature can bring them and will have an abundant love life.

When this aspect is present in the chart, the native is bestowed with a loving personality and a delicate sensibility.

Beauty, Harmony and Family

Any aspect to Venus incorporates concepts of beauty and harmony. When in opposition to MC, these things are vital to the individual’s well-being at home and with family.

However, this habit of avoiding conflict does not make for a dull existence. These individuals express passion and emotion with a unique flair. They are also adept at urging their loved ones to communicate and to become their full, loving selves.

These natives are friendly, enjoying intimate gatherings, and entertaining. Even though they appreciate closeness, they do value their privacy. They can be extremely affectionate when at home, but are probably not very interested in public displays of emotion when out in public.

This privacy also lends itself to their love lives. They may prefer to keep a new flame secret until they are sure that it is the real deal. Because they need to know that they can depend on their partner for the unconditional love and security that they crave, they may go to extremes to make sure someone is worthy of their love. Marriage and children are essential with this aspect.


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