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The Moon Sign is a crucial aspect of your personality. Usually, a unique, coveted piece of the self, the moon sign conveys what is known as our “shadow self.”

This is different from the personality traits shown throughout Sun Sign or our ascendant, which are raw, bold, and “out there.” The Moon placement explains why we do what we do. It represents our comfort level, our feelings, impressionability, emotional responses, and our unconscious predestination.

It also explains our relationship to our mother, as the moon sign takes on the Mother form (the yin) to the father (the sun/ yang). These three signs make what is considered a “Personal Trifecta” of the self.

The Moon also contains our basic, rudimentary, habits and unconscious reactions related to our past karma and upbringing.

Nurturing and Discerning

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Order and clarity help you understand your emotions and give you a sense of safety. Having a Moon in an earth sign can mean some big things! People you meet will consider you to be driven, helpful and methodical – not to mention discerning (sometimes to a fault).

Lunar Virgos feel joy and security from the little things in life. Many of them enjoy doing things as simple as managing their daily calendars to straightening out all the minute day-to-day activities of their loved ones. Yes, it’s true. Lunar Virgos love doing the chores and running the errands we all tend to run away from – but you may not always let on that you love it! 

An Eye for Detail

Virgos are known for erring on the more critical side of things, to the point where many have picked up the title of “chief complainer.” We attribute this to their ability to always look for a better way, or knowing that they deserve more. In fact, with this placement, you may find people drawn to your calming nature, to the point where others look to you to help straighten their lives, or messes, out.

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You thrive when you feel useful and needed! Recognizing that this is an achievement and one of your greatest strengths can lend itself to a stronger sense of self and trust in your own abilities.

Remember that dissatisfaction stems from believing that you are not getting what you deserve, so make sure to keep a level playing field when it comes to how much emotional support you give in relationships.  

A key aspect of Lunar Virgos is their ability to discern what is best, quickly. In fact, this is one of the most skeptical placements, generally. What does this mean? Lunar Virgos tend to find ways to poke holes in everything – almost to the point of annoyance. They tend to push for the practical aspects of things over the emotional, which can be particularly hard for other, more emotionally driven signs (water, fire) to comprehend. Let’s just say that you tend towards curiosity, but you take a much more practical, cool and unemotional standpoint. 

Virgo Moon Relationships

Virgo is an earth sign, meaning that when in a relationship, comfort and love can be created around a feeling of stability. People with earth Moons are often cautious, patient, and kind – but tend to have issues with large displays of emotion. They are not easy to turn to explosive, reactionary moments but are known to be very sensual, faithful and thoughtful. Virgo Moon people express their love for others in more practical ways.

When coupled with your Venus, you can have a full picture of how you relate to a lover and where you draw your romantic strength from.

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Virgo looks for a relationship that is meant to last. Be aware of over-critical behaviour and finding fault with your partner. Seek out moments where you can be relied upon, as you shine when you feel needed.

A Moon in Virgo is a practical, earthy position. These characters aim for a simple existence, and are often quite content with very little – but are always around and willing to help when their loved ones need it. Quite humble and moderate, you can be calm and reserved.

A big life goal of yours is to find emotional discipline. Side note: Virgo is known for devotion and rules the 6th house, the house of selflessness and giving. Tap into your ability to be there for others without being too unemotional. 


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